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Electric Picnic 2023 **No Ticket Sales / Requests ** - It'll be grand

  • 06-09-2022 5:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4,495 ✭✭✭scruff monkey

    There are 360 sleeps



    Loyalty Codes : These now need to be applied for. contains the details.

    Note : You need to have applied by 8am Wednesday 7th September 2022 for online loyalty or Thursday for Kiosks


    What sort of tickets are available, can I just buy Saturday?

    Electric Picnic has just two types of tickets on sale

    Weekend: these are the 3 day tickets, you can camp with these (The weekend tickets are split into normal and family camping)

    Sunday: these are just for the Sunday, only for the Sunday, not for any other day. These are not camping tickets. These will be on sale in March(ish) 2022.

    There are performer/other type tickets too. EP website will likely have information on these, if it does not then well... you’ve bought a ticket that’s not supposed to be sold, not our problem (in fact, nothing is, this is all just done to hopefully provide some guidance but none of it is official so legal disclaimer over, back to sarcasm) so well done on getting a ticket and have a pat on the head/arse (I’m not fussy).

    Will there be more family / campervan / non-standard tickets on release?

    No, these are of limited supply and usually sell out within the first few days of ticket release.

    If you've missed them then please keep your eyes on Toutless to try and pick up one at cost price.

    Note: For family camping, you MUST pre-register your crotch fruit.

    Failure to do so will likely result in them being placed on donedeal where you will not recoup your investment in them.

    Do I need to do anything to partake of the Thursday early opening?

    Yes, you need to buy an early camping pass

    What do I need if I want to early camp on the Thursday in Pink Moon / other posh camping provider?

    You need to buy the EP early camping pass AND an early camping pass from Pink Moon / other posh camping provider

    Do I pay extra for posh camping (Pink Moon etc)?

    Yes, these are separate companies providing services on site, you book for them through their websites.

    How do I book posh camping?

    All the camping companies will have links from the EP site but these are not listed yet or the page has moved

    There is a list of suppliers on but lord knows how accurate it is at this stage

    They usually open booking around the same time as the loyalty / early bird tickets go on sale.

    How much does posh camping cost?

    Go to the EP website and camping company links, they'll have the information, this is an FAQ, not a booking agency.

    Can I bring my own tent/gazebo/family into the posh camping sites?


    Can I visit my mates in Pink Moon / Harvest / Podpads etc.. ?

    NO, No you cannot, we pay extra to keep the likes of you out.

    How do I camp in ECO Camping?

    Keep an eye on the EP website and also their e-mail shoots, they are by registration only and usually open for registration around or after the first act announcement

    What sort of tent should I bring?

    Get one suitable to the size of the number of people in it.

    Do remember though that a two person tent also has to hold their gear and beer for the weekend along with two people so try to get a tent one person bigger than the party staying in it.

    For weather protection, aim to have a tent with a hydrostatic head (heh) of at least 2000mm (higher is better, even Pink Moons cheapest two man tents have a HH of 3000mm)

    This year showed the importance of a good tent, don’t skimp on it, make the investment and you’ll have something for years to come.

    Also ensure that you do a dry run of setting it up and packing it away.

    Where can I get a cart to carry all my stuffs?

    Halfords and other places usually have some carts but this can be variable as to what's available.

    Do not buy little "festival" carts or anything with small wheels, they are a complete waste and you'll wind up dumping/chucking them after your stuff has fallen over for the 17th time before you've left the car park.

    Remember, the car parks are just fields, not smooth wonderful skating rinks for your sh1t to glide across and the paths in the woods are uneven stoney muddy paths in woods, cop on and stop buying this stuff.

    Either have a decent 4 wheel trolley or two wheel with large pneumatic wheels, bring less stuff or else get your biggest mate and just load him up like a donkey and slap his arse to get him moving.

    Can I camp in ECO / normal sites with a family camping ticket?

    Yes, but please try and swap with some one looking for a family ticket, they are in very short supply and you'll make someones year.

    Do this via Toutless

    It's sold out, where can I get a ticket on resale?

    Stick to Toutless and check out the sellers very carefully or else hold your nerves!

    There are always tickets available in the final week and days beforehand as life happens to other people and they cannot go or TicketMaster release what ever they have left in the last few days.

    It can seem hopeless but there will always be tickets.


    Can I camp with a Sunday only ticket?

    You're not supposed to.

    When will the Sunday tickets be released?

    Around the time of the main announcement i.e. sometime in March 2022.

    These are of limited supply.

    What beers are available in the arena?

    Heineken currently have the contract for bars in the arena so it's their brands only which are on sale.

    It's piss, actually it's overpriced piss but them’s the breaks.


    You can BYOB ONLY after the arena bars close at night time.

    Are there showers / toilets in the camp sites?


    Can I bring in spirits?

    To the campsites, yes, but they must be in a non-glass container.

    Where should I park?

    Unless you're early/lucky, you will not be parking in Green.

    Green is now used for early arrivals, most will be directed to red.

    Can I charge my phone there?

    There are some phone charging stations, see EP website for details but you're likely better off bringing your own battery pack.

    Some camps such as Pink Moon provide charging stations.

    What's the best type of battery pack?

    There are many brands and sizes, aim for 10,000 mAH or higher.

    Do not buy the junk chargers that Pennys etc.. sell, they’re rubbish and you’re just purchasing immediate landfill.

    Note: If somewhere is selling them for a fiver and there's no rating on it, do not buy it.

    Most smart phones have batteries in the 2,500 - 3,000 mAH range so that tells you how many charges you will get in a best case scenario.

    You cannot buy from Amazon as they will not ship to here, start looking for these at least 1 month in advance of the festival

    Can I bring a bag into the arena?

    Yes, but as of 2017, the queues into the arena were segregated by security depending on the size of your bag.

    Even if you have a small bag, you are likely to be searched. Not having a bag does not guarantee not being searched

    When will the stage times / days be announced?

    Dates and stage times are not normally released until the week leading up to the event though some acts may pre-announce this on their own.

    Why is the line up crap?

    Because you are a child.

    There's always something there for everyone, get your head out of 2FM / FM 104 and listen to other stations, recommend 8Radio and BBC R6 for a better musical education.

    Don’t lift people on your shoulders in the arenas

    You look like a twat and it's a pain for the more crowded shows as most of the people behind you cannot move elsewhere and are not 8 foot tall to see over you

    What's the long term weather forecast?

    There will be weather. No semi accurate forecast worth a damn is available until about a week leading up to it with properly accurate forecasts in the days leading up.

    All that we know is that snow is unlikely and a tornado would be rare.

    Anyone claiming otherwise is either a fibber or too busy poking round in chicken entrails to seek aid with their delusions.

    Villan (Carlow Weather) of this parish usually provides updates that are worth a sh1te in the days leading up.


    Note: Most questions that get asked every year can be answered with a quick visit to official EP Pages such as

    Hopefully this missive will cut down on the main FAQs and allow us to bitch at each other over our respective musical tastes and judge real hard at the bukeface whingers in a more productive manner.





    My Essay Of Stuffs that i bring each year

    1 - Ticket, the most important thing

    2 - Tent + Sleeping bag (unless you're posh camping it, in which case just sleeping bag)

    3 - Self inflating mat for sleeping bag (keeps you off the ground which can be really cold at night)

    4 - Walking boots (you're going to be on your feet for 3 days solid, racking up a lot of milage, comfy, protected feets are best feets)

    Note: Do not buy boots and break them in at the festival, you'll **** your feet up.***

    5 - Camping chair, see #4, when you stop, you will want to rest your arse, do it in luxury

    6 - Rain gear (you want to have it but not use it)

    7 - Hat, I bring two, one for the sun and one for at night (no hair = v.cold head)

    8 - Spare clothes (kept in car for emergencies), clean fresh socks every day people, even if you don't change anything else!

    9 - Fleece type garment for the nights (again, it gets cold down there)

    10 - Plastic bags for wet gear, should the nasty happen, you will need these, also good for tent bin.

    11 - Torch (I take two, a small v.powerful hand held and a head lamp type, might be overkill but it is handy), obviously most will just rely on their phones torches but this means faster battery death which makes a good portable battery bank all the more important.

    12 - Spare batteries for torches, I fit fresh ones in before the weekend and keep spares in the car

    13 - Microfibre Towels

    14 - Beer/Spirits

    Note: for spirits I just want a few whiskeys late at night so I decant my poison of choice into a metal water flask before leaving house, you don't want to be arsed with carting glass bottles down there and then having to decant. Do it at home and breeze through security.

    15 - Cold bag for #14

    16 - Tent food, usually just pack a box of breakfast type bars, there are so many different food offerings in the main arena that you are not gonna go hungry

    17 - Portable phone charger (aim for a minimum of 12 - 15,000 mAh or higher (20,000mAh if there's more than one of you hanging off it)) and don't forget your lightning/usb-c cables

    18 - Water, if you are moving all day and drinking then you need lots of water, usually pick up a 6 pack of 1.5lt bottles, 3 in car, 3 in tent (water is heavy so no point killing self carrying an extra 9kg in on top of the rest)

    19 - ear plugs for sleeping at night (boots have lots of silicon/waxy types)

    20 - gig/music ear plugs for those of us who don't want to go deaf

    21- Cash, there are ATMs on site, do not rely on them to be full or not mobbed by the rampaging hordes of the walking dead trying to get cash out to get a cocktail

    22 - Small packets of wetwipes and or bottles of hand sanitiser to have on you all day

    23 - Packet of large wet wipes for quickie freshing up in the tent

    24 - Toiletries : chapstick / sun protection spray / aftersun (I got burnt this year and it was a godsend) skin moisturiser (you might be roughing it a little but you don't need to be roughed up), bog roll x 2 (one in tent, one in car), roll on smellies only, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, Pain killers of choice, a packet of rennie/antacid type thing and just in case a packet of immodium or cheaper generic ****stopper

    25 - Consumables : vitamin pills/ berocca type thingy for in the morning, dioralyte for with your water before bedtime.

    26 - Rubbers, you want to leave the weekend at the weekend, not have it follow you for the rest of your life

    27 - sunglasses (gots to be funky)

    28 - small bag for during day (do not use a big backpack in crowds, that's a paddlin)

    29 - neck gaiter/warmer can be handy in the evening if it's cold

    30 - camping pillow

    31 - small pair of field glasses are right handy

    32 - flip flops for shower time (best not to wear into the bogs though or to walk around the main bog areas in them cos squealchy)

    33 - Pair of runners to be left in car, nothing beats that aaaaaaah feeling as you slide your weary feets into comfy happiness on a Monday morning before you get nicked for drunk driving which leads us to

    34 - Alcohol breathalyser test kit for in the car, you get them in halfords, don't be a dick and ruin your or someone elses life on a Monday morning

    35 - Ziplock bags, they keep "small things" fresh and dry and certain smells in.

    If you need this explained then you may be too young to be going.

    36 - Reusable water bottle, they have water stations outside all the main toilet areas, you don't need to get ripped off for 4 euro everytime you need water.

    Keep hydrated at all times (makes for lesser hangovers)


    And just to add a list of what not to bring or do

    1 - CANDLES - be cool, don't be crispy, seriously don’t though, there was a horrific incident in Pink Moon a couple of years back. Candles and tents do not mix. Similarly for BBQs, do not use them right beside tents unless you want to hear screaming for the rest of your life. There are dedicated areas for these.

    2 - FLARES - be cool, don't be shot to death with balls of your own sh1te for being "that" tosser

    Some one let one off during Richard Ashcroft years ago, they and it were swiftly dealt with and hopefully hoofed out of the event

    3 - GUITAR - any attempts at wonderwall will result in you being shot to death with balls of your own sh1te, no jury would convict the shooter, just saying.

    4 - SENSE OF SHAME - it's not needed for the weekend

    5 - CAMERA - live the bloody moment, don't try to be Senor Speilbergo capturing it

    6 - URINALS - If you're male, there are urinals provided, don't be one of the feral hordes that stands next to a urinal and pisses against the wall.



    Questions on R-Word / Aphex Twin will be not be entertained and will be met with a brutal and bloody (but fair) paddlin.

    Post event whingin about "hello Dublin" will also be met with a paddlin, we're a piss ant country on the outskirts of a collapsing mad house next door to Europe, it's not the end of the world that the acts are not geography teachers and they're not trying to insult you, get over yerselves.

    Final Note: Clean up after yourselves, don't be a dick, everyone is there to have a good time and let your Ma know you're ok during the weekend.

    Final Note Note: Do a covid test before going to events like this, have a bit of goddamned respect for other people.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 772 ✭✭✭ChannelNo5

    OOh am i first in?...

  • Subscribers Posts: 39,454 ✭✭✭✭sydthebeat

    what are we expecting as the price for the loyalty tickets?

    anything over €200 will have a lot of people thinking twice

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,495 ✭✭✭scruff monkey

    I'd think €199 for that reason.

  • Registered Users Posts: 772 ✭✭✭ChannelNo5

    Think you're spot on there! Despite what i said on the 2022 thread i will of course be getting 2 tickets!! 😂 Has it always been limited in number? i dont remember only being able to get 2 before?

    Also been asked to get a campervan ticket. Can i get one of them on Saturday too?

  • Registered Users Posts: 66 ✭✭Bunk Moreland

    My loyalty ticket was €170 last time. Hoping for the same again!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 4,495 ✭✭✭scruff monkey

    Yes, it's always been limited for the loyalty / early bird.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,393 ✭✭✭Ferris_Bueller

    Is there an extremely limited amount of loyalty tickets or if you get your loyalty code does it guarantee you will get one at that price? Can't remember how it worked.

    Undecided atm which I went into in more detail in other thread. Anything under €200 would represent great value though.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,645 ✭✭✭Fanirish

    Limited amount of loyalty tickets, probably between 5%- 10% tickets. Plus it’s only open for a limited window. Code doesn’t guarantee discounted price.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,153 ✭✭✭nc6000

    Also no guarantee that you'll get your code in time. I didn't have mine back in 2019 but got one from someone on here.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,189 ✭✭✭FionnK86

    Had a great time last weekend, my first EP. I'm going to try for ECO, but we've a camper...what would people recommend who have used camper before? We were in Janis and it was a trek so think that's the main downside of campers, mind you having a metal roof would be helpful!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,098 ✭✭✭Poorside

    No announcement yet,do FR think we're mugs?

  • Registered Users Posts: 368 ✭✭SoundOfSilence

    Gavin James for Friday night headliner. The 1975, Saturday night. Lewis capaldi, Sunday.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,858 ✭✭✭fafy

    For loyalty scheme in 2019 for 2020 EP

    Prices were(before fees)

    €170 (3 or more EP’s)

    €190 (1 to 2 EP’s)

    I would have thought a €40 increase initially, as those prices were 3 years ago, and the full price for 2022, finished up at €275 + fees, but they will probably have to keep the full price under €300, so i’d guess, at or around, €195 to €205 the 3 or more EP loyalty scheme, and an extra €20 to €25 for the 1 to 2 EP Loyalty. They will slap on €5 probably for early entry also, as this has been creeping up also, as has the campervan/caravan ticket price.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,858 ✭✭✭fafy

    I’ve stayed at EP twice in a campervan, no “lugging” the gear in and out, is a massive advantage, and while the extra walking can be a pain, on balance, its probably the most comfortable way to do EP. Also, as you have so much space, you are not as restricted with bringing in extra gear, making your own tea/coffee, heating your own food up & even making some simple hot snack meals.

    Then theres the weather, and not just the rain, it can be chilly in tents, less so in a campervan.

    If youre not bothered by comfort factors, then camping is fine, if you are, then campervan all the way, and the ticket is what, about €80, if you have one its a no brainer really, but i suppose depends on the EP experience you are looking for.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,316 ✭✭✭Penfailed

    I'm going to hold off until I see the line up. Might do ATN instead...or might do both!

    Gigs '21 - Stendhal Festival (July), Stendhal Festival (August), [s]Liam Gallagher & Idles[/s], King Kong Company, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, The Undertones, And So I Watch You From Afar

    Gigs '22 - And So I Watch You From Afar, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai, Stendhal Festival, The Fratellis, Clutch, Kurt Vile & The Violators, Electric Picnic, Vantastival, The Cure, And So I Watch You From Afar

    Gigs '23 - Stiff Little Fingers, The Wood Burning Savages, Bob Log III, David Kitt, Ludovico Einaudi, DADDY LONG LEGS, The Prodigy, Stendhal Festival, Forest Fest, Electric Picnic, The Murder Capital, PJ Harvey, Amy Montgomery, The Undertones (w/Buzzcocks), And So I Watch You From Afar

  • Registered Users Posts: 795 ✭✭✭adam240610

    Wonder when they'll send out the loyalty codes

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,420 ✭✭✭rubick

    Ah balls - just left my 2022 review on the old thread.

    Hope you're all recovered. Absolutely chucking it down in Belfast here. Takes me back!

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,495 ✭✭✭scruff monkey

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,420 ✭✭✭rubick

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,233 ✭✭✭Fatfrog

    Fair play scruff!

    I used the term Crotch fruit twice over the weekend!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,233 ✭✭✭Fatfrog

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,233 ✭✭✭Fatfrog

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,858 ✭✭✭fafy

    Being emailed out, on Friday, to those who

    1) Registered for Loyalty scheme +

    2) are eligible.

    onsale, is on Saturday morning as far as i know

  • Registered Users Posts: 818 ✭✭✭Dreamweapon

    Anyone any idea on queues at these loyalty kiosks? Thought i might nab one in Dublin tomorrow if i can get in and out quickly.

    On the road...under the sky...coast to coast.

  • Registered Users Posts: 107 ✭✭TenPicnics

    Just been to the Olympia, no queue, no questions asked after I produced a rake of wristbands.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,055 ✭✭✭tvercetti

    If anyone gets a loyalty code, they don't plan on using, I'd be very grateful. Been to the last 3 but no kiosk in my vicinity and ticketmaster aren't offering an alternative for those who previously purchased in store.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,393 ✭✭✭Ferris_Bueller

    Balls, misread the information prior - thought that the registration for loyalty codes only opened this morning. Turns out 8am today was the deadline to register for a loyalty ticket. Seems strange that it closes less than 48 hours after most people will have gotten home, but my error and they are clear that no requests will be processed after this.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,495 ✭✭✭scruff monkey

    There’s still early bird though?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,393 ✭✭✭Ferris_Bueller

    Actually completely forgot about that! Have always used the loyalty codes in previous years. Cheers. Seriously have the goo to go again having missed this year.