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The Collapse in Home Ownership was Fine Gael Policy

  • 27-07-2022 1:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 161 ✭✭ Housing99

    It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that the government intentionally created the policies that have caused the collapse in home ownership

    99% of human suffering and the cause of unrest in this country is housing, and despite what others say it’s really only been an issue since post 2008. For proof look at all our election results pre then. If people where unhappy in 2007 FF would not have almost won an overall majority

    After the 2008 crash with the narrative that we all partied it was decided that too many people owned their homes and that had caused the crash through reckless lending, so it was decided we would all rent “like the Germans”, this was clearly in the public mood and discourse

    We legalised REITs in 2013 on this basis and Micheal Noonan in particular wanted to move away from home ownership. The lending rules where brought in as part of this. They believed a professional rental industry run by funds would be stable and I think they failed to see that people wouldn’t be happy either house sharing for life if single or paying 2000 a month. To them it was all about international gdp figures

    Well look at how great that policy has worked out