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Winter Gloves

  • 25-07-2022 4:59pm
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    Getting a bit ahead of myself here but I am trying to source a good pair of long finger winter gloves and came across these - MAAP deep winter gloves on the Alltricks website (I think) - has anyone heard of this brand or used any of their products before ?


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    MAAP are a well established cycling brand. Think of them as an Australian version of Rapha. Typically understated designs that look well and i can only go by their jerseys. I would say alot of their stuff is overpriced and it may just be me but i would never see Irish conditions requiring that level of investment in winter gloves.

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    Galibier recommendations are going to become a meme around here.

    Anyway don't have the deep winter glove, but I have the light winter glove, and find it excellent

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    Spoken like someone without circulation issues!

    MAAP well established, but very expensive. I can't see a link in the post to the specific gloves, but also consider liner gloves as well, as a double layer really helps.

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    I have the deep winter gloves and they are brilliant

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    I have these GripGrab gloves and they're a perfect fit, haven't tried them in very cold weather as I got them in late February. The size (M) suggested by Mantel came up a little short - the size guide on the GribGrab site suggested L which fit perfectly.

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    I suffer badly from cold winter hands and have tried many gloves + layered systems most were disappointing.

    For me the galibier winter glove padding thins out into cold bridges. The warmest for me so far were also one of the cheapest a crab glove:

    I’ve tried thin gloves as liners in XL gloves. If there are any links to recommended liners, could you post them?

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    I tend to just use "running" gloves as liner gloves. I have some liner gloves I picked up pre-brexit from polaris - it's really whichever I find first!

    Just for those with cold hands - I did get tested that there was nothing underlying my circulation issues. I was told that the most important thing is to keep your core warm, and it does tend to work for me at least (n=1 etc).