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Fell out with fellow housemates, need advice.

  • 03-07-2022 2:50pm
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    So, I'm an Irish lad from Dublin and I've been living in a house share in Dublin for 2 years. Originally it was all Irish people in the house, but one by one they moved out due to buying their own apartments and houses. I replaced them with 3 girls, Spanish A, Chilean B and Mexican C. I'll call them A B and C. They have all been quite dramatic, hostile and annoying.

    After living here for 6 months, Girl A, asked me if her BF of 4 months could move into one of the empty rooms, this was before C moved in, so were looking for someone to fill the room. I said no to this request as I don't want to live with a couple who will eventually commandeer all the shared space and team up in terms of house decisions. When I told A that I don't want her BF to move in she told me "You will regret that". Big red flags. She got our other housemate to fraudulently claim that the BF lived here, so he could get a PPS number and start working. I'm not sure if that's legal. So he was getting post here, not sure if he still is.

    The first month B and C moved in they wanted to buy a tumble dryer, which me and A disagreed with due to energy costs and the fact that we have 4 clothes horses. They wanted to ask our letting agency to buy a tumble dryer, which I told them they wouldn't, because it's not a necessity. This caused tension in the house for a while and sort of split the house into team tumble dryer and team no tumble dryer. So B and C formed a kind of alliance.

    At the time our dishwasher was broken and that was my priority to get fixed because it was leaking all over the floor every time it was used. It took me about 3 months of chasing the letting agent to get it fixed, but it was unrepairable as it was so old so they got us a new one.

    A starts to have her BF over quite often and usually they are drinking in the living room and sometimes, loudly and aggressively arguing, to the point I can hear it in my room while I'm listening to music. So me and A had an argument about how she isn't respecting the other housemates by doing this kind of thing. So me and A are not friends anymore.

    Me B and C hold a house meeting telling A that she can't be bring her BF over loads and can't be fighting in the common areas. A is hostile and doesn't do what we asked her.

    So fast forward a while and me and B start hanging out outside of the house, going shopping together, going for a drink. We are spending everyday together as I was between jobs. Me and B have an argument about a job interview I had (the company led me on, allowed me to meet the team and told me that they'd offer me the job but then reneged). I gave them some feedback on this **** behaviour and B said I shouldn't have.

    Anyway now me and B have fallen out. Next thing to come is a gas bill for like 380 quid, for a 2 month billing period. These girls start to pull some ****, like A and B saying they were away for 2 weeks at that time. C says she wasn't even in the house for a month. B says she never used the heating since A gave her an electric heater. So they try to get me to pay for the whole bill. The agreement was we split the bills, we all agreed this when we moved in. So eventually we all split this bill. We all pay 50 a month into a kitty for house expenses anyway.

    After this incident C cancels the FLOGAS contract and now we don't have heating in the house even if it is cold. Her logic was we keep getting massive bills and it's summer, which I get but still if it does get cold now we are fucked.

    The situation has devolved and threats have been made. I feel threatened by A's BF as he is bigger than me and also some random Spanish lad who drinks alcohol in my house and sometimes shouts.

    A talks on the phone to her BF every night for hours until like 11.30 or 12midnight. I have asked her multiple times to be quiet or go downstairs but she would rather be spiteful and disrespectful. I texted her about this recently and she freaked out, knocked on my door and started shouting at me.

    C and A wake up at 6am, I have asked them to be quiet in the mornings because I get up for work at about 7.45am. They have ramped up the noise in the mornings now to piss me off. Loading the dishwasher, closing doors vey loudly, just not trying to be civil or considerate.

    Anyway A B and C now basically have this alliance, they gang up on me in the group chat, blame **** on me, deny their own **** behaviour and call me names.

    I would go to the letting agency with all of this but two problems. 1. the letting agency is kind of useless and 2. I am no angel in this (I smoke a small bong, out my bedroom window, once a night, being careful to not make my room or the house smell of weed).

    Just looking for some advice on this **** as every time I say I will talk to the letting agency about these noise problems, A says "do you want me to start talking to the agency?"

    I know some advice will be "Move out", yes I am looking but the rent situation has devolved even worse since the 2 years I've lived here and I start a job on Monday and kind of need to live in this area as it has a good bus route to my job. I'm looking at places closer to my new job anyway. Any advice welcome, ideally I'd find a way for them all to leave and let me live in peace with new roommates.



  • Registered Users Posts: 25,081 ✭✭✭✭Mrs OBumble

    Who has signed the lease?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 9,840 ✭✭✭Caranica

    Who chose the other housemates and who do you pay the rent to, whose names are the bills in?

    Your OP suggests you chose these people, do you all have separate leases or one lease?

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    So a Chilean, a Mexican & a Spanish housemates????? Man, that sure is a first world problem!!!!! You really have it hard....... some might say you didn't GET a fair bounce of the ball in life at all🤣

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,983 ✭✭✭Padre_Pio

    Yeah... Move out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,391 ✭✭✭Jim_Hodge

    I wonder what they'd say about you. Is it as much their home as yours?

  • Moderators, Business & Finance Moderators, Motoring & Transport Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 64,233 Mod ✭✭✭✭L1011

  • Registered Users Posts: 666 ✭✭✭Oscar Madison

    You would wonder then how the United Nations work peacefully!

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    We are all on the lease. They all pay me the rent though.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 31 Stalk

    Ok I'll take that advice. I've been trying to get out of the house as much as possible. Going out for drinks on the weekend and stuff like that. In terms of getting one of my mates in to live here if one of them leaves, I think it's at the stage where they are trying to make me leave. I say that because since the situation has devolved they have become way more noisy at night and in the morning. I'm going to hang on here as long as humanly possible till I find somewhere else.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,766 ✭✭✭rolling boh

    There are so many things going on that your best bet is to look at getting out I know that is easy to say but the situation looks a lost cause and you will never live in anything resembling harmony as house mates .

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,391 ✭✭✭Jim_Hodge

    They don't pay you the rent. You just collect it for the landlord - for some reason known only to yourself. They have as much say in all aspects, decisions and rules as you have.

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    Yeah I will always be in the minority, However I have not been trying to cause strife at all. I have been the one mediating disagreements between the other housemates, up until this situation devolved. It's just not a good situation, personality wise.

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    I chose the spanish one, then me and her interviewed a load of people. She said she thought latina people are very clean and have a lot of life in them, so she was kind of pushing for latina people. She didn't want brazilian or italian or asian or muslim people. The two irish people who viewed the gaf were kind of weird, but if they had been sound I would have gone for them.

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    I didn't have much experience with Latino women before this so didn't know about the loud and dramatic vibes.

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    They pay rent to me, my name is on the wifi, one girl is electricity, one girl was FLOGAS but she cancelled it, another pays for the bins but never changed it to her name.

    In terms of lease, we are all on the same lease.

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    You all sound irritating

    Maybe try and have clear the air talks with them. Try and start on a fresh note until you move out. Invest in some good ear plugs

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