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Waterford Cencus 2022



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    Great performance by Waterford again. However, would nearly put money on it that we will have boundary changes so Waterford ends up with still having four TD’s. Can see it now “new constituency of East Cork/West Waterford to be created”.

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    KK/Carlow also require a 6th.. Bring Ferrybank into Waterford would be the most logical option but I cant see that flying with FF, FG or even SF.

    Not sure adding West Waterford with Cork would be good because Waterford would likely become 3 seats if Dungarvan moved to.

    Interesting to see what happens.

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    So since when did logic ever come into it when it comes to Waterford and the government? Can't see Waterford ending up in a stronger position. Never does when it comes to the government. Remember this is a government/state that is willing to let people in Waterford die in order to maintain the status quo. Constituency boundary changes is hardly going to stop them.

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    A 5th TD!

    Have we not suffered enough?

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    Time for a Waterford/South Kilkenny constituency. The county boundaries are not giving accurate population records of some towns and cities such as Waterford, Limerick, Drogheda that border neighboring counties. Time to redraw a few maps to get correct representation and population records.

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    Ireland must be the only country in the world where current local authority boundaries are based on medieval county boundaries. Its just absurd!

  • Registered Users Posts: 365 ✭✭ GandhiwasfromBallyfermot

    It's crazy alright, Waterford local authority should really include all of Ferrybank & Slieverue, maybe even Kilmacow. I wonder is there a way to leave the county boundaries the same to keep the hurlers happy but still bring these areas into Waterford local authority and electoral area.

    In fairness though, playing devils advocate, the one piece of Ferrybank which Waterford control they knocked half the village and built a motorway through it so maybe there's a reason a lot of Ferrybank people are happy to stay in KK....

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    Of course there is. But the reality is like nearly all government decisions relating to Waterford maintaining the status quo and or weakening Waterford as a city is the main driver of the decisions. We have seen this time and time again. TD’s from politically stronger counties, particularly from Cork, Kilkenny/Carlow and Wexford, are making these decisions and they are rarely in Waterford's favour. As you say, bringing these areas of Kilkenny into the Waterford local authority and electoral area would make Waterford stronger as a city. Current political thinking just won’t allow that to happen.

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    Majority of people living in Ferrybank are fully aware that Kilkenny CoCo have no regard for Ferrybank itself, its seen as a cash cow for the county, the shopping centre is an example of this and look at the mess that is. Ferrybank is a suburb of Waterford City and should be governed by Waterford. Ferrybank would not exist in its form today if the city wasn't there.

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    Boutros Boutros-Ghali and George Mitchell couldn't sort this one out.

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    BUT HURLING ! <que JP Phelan comparing us to Nazis again>

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    The extra TD is very unlikely in the near future as a number of other constituencies already have a bigger population per TD and are ahead of Waterford in the queue.

    It'll be interesting to see if those numbers are driven by migrants or those who relocated from places like Dublin since Covid. The city v rural spread will also he very interesting.

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    Nice work on the above although Cork recently extended their city City boundary pre cso so no doubt they will also have a large population increase.

    South KK and Tramore numbers won't be included in the city that way government can keep us down and also sell cork as the fastest growing city in Ireland

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    Unfortunately decades of evidence suggest the contrary. The SE region has been continually undermined to move resources elsewhere. For healthcare purposes the region ended in the middle of Kilkenny while resources were diverted to Cork. For education, it was suggested by Simon Harris that Wicklow is in the SE and that it should be part of the region to share the Technological University resources. Carrick on Suir for example is now part of the Mid West region.

    I agree it's not a CSO or government conspiracy though, it comes from the regions politicians' attitude that anything going to Waterford is bad for them. Brendan Howlin and Phil Hogan were two SE politicians that had a real chance to improve the regions prospects but rather than giving resources to Waterford they were happy to see them go elsewhere.

    The census figures confirm that Waterford is the only place in the SE to generate the critical mass to compete with the other regions. I know people tend to concentrate on the negatives but like I agree, the figures can only be viewed in a positive light. I'm a glass 'half full' person and I haven't been 'home' in a while. Looking forward to a visit next week!

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    Theres no chip on our shoulders here! Its a reality that we experience here of being discriminated on whether it be in healthcare, Education, transportation, Employment, the list goes on. Galway benefited for years with the "poor west" hand outs. On a positive note great to see Waterfords population growing so quickly, time for the government to actually deliver here and the South East.

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    Shannon is not included in Limerick metro figures .

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    Can someone fix the spelling on the title at the very least!

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    Well it says here for example it is. Pretty clear example of what I wrote above.

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    How is the 24/7 Cardiac care issue and what happened to WIT and university status for example and my previous post a bloody chip on our collective shoulder? There is undeniable proof that we are just not getting our fair share. People in Waterford need to take their head out of the sand and realise the way the government is treating Waterford. If you are from Waterford, that means you to.

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    Any chance of some discussion regarding the census?

    Population growth of 7.6% nationally continues population growth which started in the 1990s. However, the counties in Leinster around Dublin continue to far outstrip the national levels, and only Offaly and Kilkenny grew by less than the national average.

    On average almost 32,000 people a year moved or returned to the State between 2016 and 2022. It'd be interesting to see if Waterford had large numbers returning from emigration or if new arrivals accounted for the increase, or a mixture of both.

    All but one of the 39 Dáil constituencies now have more than 30,000 people represented by a TD. Ireland is apparently highly over-respresented in comparison to other countries, so there may be a debate as to how many we actually need as the population will keep growing.

    Nationally the number of constituents per TD is 32,032, while in Waterford it's now 31,771. I think there's 22 constituencies with a higher population per TD than Waterford, including local rivals like Carlow/Kilkenny, Wexford, Tipperary and most of Cork.

    Waterford's population will continue to grow and it's time to start planning ahead as infrastructure can take 20+ years to be built with the planning involved. It's a good sign that agencies like the NTA were just recently announcing efforts to map out what types of transport etc. will be required over that timeframe.

    I'd like to see much more density in Waterford and I feel the Council should be restricting new development outside of the ring road to encourage more infill and less sprawl.