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Got Solar, old meter/units going backwards

  • 16-06-2022 4:25pm
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    Firstly: I suspect this is an often asked question but I checked the FAQ list and couldn't find anything, and the search function is potato.

    Scenario: been billed based on actual reading of say 55000 units.

    Just noticed it's at 54900 units and yes it's spinning backwards and numbers going down.

    I remember the guy saying if this does happen then hold off on them installing smart meter as long as possible .

    So 3 options I think.

    1. Call in my reading and this might alert them straight away that I need upgrading.

    2. Do nothing and see if next reading is marginally higher than previous actual, then ring it in.

    3. Do nothing and let them give estimated/actual readings whenever and let it sort itself out.

    Do you get credit if your reading is less than their previous ESB call out reading.

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