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Golfers taking Saudi money and splitting the sport

  • 09-06-2022 6:38pm
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    Looks like golf as a sport is now irreparably damaged with the news that the PGA have suspended all the players who are taking part in the latest attempt at Saudi sportswashing, the new LIV tour. Players like Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickleson are reported to have been paid $200m and $150m respectively to play for the new Saudi backed tour, Grahme McDowell is also on board.

    Tiger was supposedly offered up to $1bn to join it but he refused as has McIllroy and the rest of the worlds top 10. Players who have joined the Saudi backed tour have now been suspended by the PGA effectively splitting the sport in two with more players likely to go overboard for the huge sums of money on offer.

    Its a pity really that we may never against see the best playing the best again, Majors wont be the same again if many of the best players are missing.



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    Teachers and nurses also do Saudi stints so that they can afford to come back here and buy a house. They are nowhere near the same league as these self-obsessed money sniffers who are lending credibility to a very suspect political regime courting respectability. The defection by some players, largely in their 40s and 50s, is pure soul selling but it remains to be seen just how much of a split there is. The sense is that most will still stick with the PGA and the established order.

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    @Yurt2 do you consider the UAE and Qatari investments funds the same?

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    I don't blame those players for taking the money, a guaranteed tens or hundreds of millions is no small thing for players getting near the tail end of their career.

    But I doubt this will harm the PGA much in the long run. The Saudi's bought a few players and held a little tournament, good for them, but do the public really give a toss about it? The PGA have the masters, the open, the Ryder cup etc etc, and the best players will always want to be mixing it in the big tournaments. Its not as if the top players are slumming it in the PGA, plenty of money there too so thats where the big players will go.

    The Saudis can throw money around all they want but they can't buy class or history, just look at how little people care about the likes of City or PSG buying their trophies for example. They can spunk a few billion on this sportswashing but the top golfers won't want to be outside looking in on the Masters every year.

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    Technically they don't the masters and two of the other Open majors. The masters pick who is allowed played and the PGA technically have no say. The two open tournaments are, as the name describes, open to anyone. So the LIV players can't enter the qualifying tournaments for those two events.

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    More power to them

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,272 ✭✭✭ Hoboo

    More power to them, change is good, the PGA will have to up their game. They don’t control the majors so they’re still an option, sponsors I imagine will have a big say. I can’t see the Masters not inviting DJ Louis or Mickelson for example. As for the human rights **** slinging, its a bit rich coming from a US based organisation.

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    I'd go work for whoever paid me the most money. Why wouldn't golfers do the same?

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    Apart from the Saudi issue, they’re complaining they can’t play on both tours, what’s the angle there? PGA said play where you want but you can’t play our tour if you are, as is their right.

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    The Saudi's aren't Putin or Isis. I woudn't work for either of those.

    Would I work for Trump, I don't see why not. I don't agree with most of the crap that comes out of his mouth but why would that stop me from working from him? I've worked for bigger [email protected] in my time.

    The Saudi's aren't a bunch of angels but we are happy enough to take their oil and gas, what's the difference in taking their golf money?

  • Registered Users Posts: 4 Trawler1954

    Can't understand why th PGA should have either a monoply or cartel on Golfers !

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    Well, just to split hairs, legally I am not allowed to work for ISIS as they are a terrorist organisation. I am not sure about the legality of working for Putin.

    Maybe I should have worded my sentence to include a reference to legal work to humour those in this thread who are pedantic.

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    Whatever about having to fund them by buying their oil, taking it for no reason other than pure greed says a lot about where these peoples morals are found.

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    Professional golf is and has always been about money.

    All this horseshit about the Azaleas at Amen corner and Peter Aliss waxing on about how things used to be was manufactured after the fact.

    That a load of them have exposed themselves as hypocritical greedy counts surprises absolutely nobody.

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    Well I suppose this new Saudi tour is proving they dont. But when we watch high level sports we want to see the best compete against the best and by the looks of it that will no longer be the case. So ultimately the sport of golf gets diluted when some good players are off on another tour. It might be great for Mickleson, Dustin Johnson and Greg Norman who is leading it with them getting shed loads of cash but its not great for the fans of the sport seeing the field weakened.

    So for me its not about the PGA having a monopoly, its more about the sport no longer having the best players competing against each other and it being weakened overall.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 512 ✭✭✭ MakersMark

    Anyone running a car on or heating their home with oil based products is financing the Saudi regime.

    They wouldn't have the money to sponsor these tournaments if we didn't finance them.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,642 ✭✭✭ smurfjed

    @Richard Hillman

    [i]They are actively committing a genocide in Yemen.[\i]

    Actively? I think that you will find that there is a peace agreement which has stropped fighting for the last 3 months and was recently extended for another 2 months. But what would you have them do? Should they have allowed the Houthis to take over the whole country? What other solutions existed 7 years ago?

    And you also appear to be saying that Saudi nationals were doing exactly the same as Irish/US nationals were doing as they supported NORAID.

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    If you want to stop taking Middle Eastern money, then stop it for ALL, politicians (ex), businesses, exports, imports, golfers, horse industry, transport industry, football, musicians, F1, Dakar rally, Formula E, World Cup, not to mention companies in Europe that have huge amounts of ME money invested in them such as Uber, Soft Bank, Eurodisney.

    Not really fair to just pick out the golfers.

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    They don't but they do have a right to determine that their product is not devalued by members just suiting themselves. That's what this is about, plus a cohort of largely older, already very rich men lining their nests in spectacular fashion. The format looks like a game show anyway and the tacked on team thing is right out of a kids' summer camp.

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    None of that is part of the definition of a suitable club owner and there are all sorts of other dodgy owners. Abramovich was not hunted out, he was part of a wider group of sanctioned individuals, which was a political not a sporting decision.