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How does Israel Get way with this



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    I wonder how Israeli prisoners would be treated by the Palestinians. How humane they'd be. We'll never see videos of that I'll bet.

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    Let's rewrite that. Palestine and it's people do not want to be forcibly displace to appease people who believe they have some sort of sovereign right to the land due to some descendants living there hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

    It really opens a can of worms as to what people should be allowed then claim as their land and tell others to f*ck off. And anyone who disagrees is an antisemite apparently (despite Semites not being only Jewish)

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    Its basically a US colony so EU pander to them...

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    Pretty sure that creepy man doll Jared Kushner  sorted all that out.

    Has to be fake news.

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    we can go back decades to see the horrible nature of the political elite there.

    for example, who backed the Phalange - who murdered thousands in Lebanon in the 1980s . Not to mention the many assassinations their agencies carried out in Europe and on more than one occasion killing non combatants.

    the fact Hamas or the wider Palestinians don't behave well is irrelevant.

    Israel sells itself as a modern civilized society yet behaves abhorrently . especially given how more advanced in militarily the Israelis are - they brutalise a population over the actions of a militia they can easily defeat. The stupidity of this is it only drive more to join Hamas.

    In any case, since the founding of the state of Israel they have stolen huge amounts of land and committed war crimes against another people. They have no moral ground to stand on . The fact the only argument is something that happened 80 years ago is evident who morally bankrupt they are and they play that guilt on people who had no hand in, part or knowledge of.

    As if any of our families could have known about it while picking potatoes and going to dances at the cross roads under the watchful eye of Archbishop McQuaid.

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    not only something that happened 80 years but also committed by a completely different group of people than the ones they are persecuting now.

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    The Israeli ambassador should have been kicked out of Ireland when it came to light that Mossad were using forged Irish passports.

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    "the fact Hamas or the wider Palestinians don't behave well is irrelevant."

    I think it's very relevant. It's not whataboutery, it's having a sense of perspective. The fact is that Israel, for all it's faults, and there are plenty, is still head and shoulders way more tolerant and humane towards Palestinian prisoners than would be the case if the roles were reversed. That doesn't mean Israel is right or wrong - it's context that matters.

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    israel are wrong. they are forcing people from their homes and stealing their land.

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    Same way we can invade any country we like under the guise of NATO world police, ignore all the proven war crimes, but then put on our judges hat and demand Putin is tried in The Hague by the very criminals guilty of the same act.

    Israel is a Western state in the Middle East, they can do what they like.

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    Sure you couldn't do that and upset our friends in America... I will wager the ambassador has a New York accent...

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    Israel gets away with it because they take part in a concentrated astro turfing campaign to spread anti-palestinian and pro-israeli sentiment.

    They have entire teams of people whose job is purely to police the internet in this manner

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    I cant agree.

    firstly as I mentioned initially - Israel sells itself to a high standard.

    Secondly, tolerant and humane treatment in Israeli prisons for prisoners. this just isnt true . I'm not sure if your are taking the piss.

    Even the Israeli Public Defense Office says widespread abuse and torture and the Israeli media report this.

    That's even before you take into account eye witness reports.


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    Israel are wrong. They do bad things. But the other side is worse. We'll never hear how Palestinians treat Israeli prisoners. We'll never hear any talk about Palestinians committing war crimes. Not because Palestinians are perfect innocent angels. It's because people aren't interested in holding Palestinians to the same standard as Israel. They almost show their own prejudices, as if they don't expect the Palestinians to be anything other than bloodthirsty barbarians, incapable of empathy and humanity towards Israelis.

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    This is exactly it. Added to that, the average Irish person hasn't got a clue about the history (1967, 1973). Israel is surrounded by enemy states with the stated intention of wiping Israel out, which especially with the history of attempted extermination makes Israelis feel they need to have this siege mentality. I don't agree with the settlements or any of that, so not an Israeli apologist on that front. If you are a minority (religion, sexuality etc), I think Israel would be the best place in the middle east to live. We simply don't hold the arab states to anything like the same standards as some hold Israel to.

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    That for me is crazy...

    Its like saying to a man convicted of beating his wife... well really its ok because if she was stronger than you she would beat you...

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    If the Israeli army (IDF) and it's political masters had to stand trial for the innmuerable war crimes they have comitted against the Palastinians since 1948 The Hauge court would be a very busy place indeed and many who are in in the top echelons in both politics and army would be languishing in jail today. The fact is that Israel is an American state but to an extent semi autonomous. The US pumps billons of $ into Israeli military under the guise of economic aid and supply them with the most sophisticated and up to date military equipment including nuclear bombs since the 1960's Jews are deeply rooted in the higher echleons of power in the US, politics, media, banking etc. and they use and abuse that priviliege.

    There are numerous Anti Semetic Hate Crime Acts passed by US congress over the years yet back in 2015 a group in Texas were free to organise a Muhammad Art Cartoon contest with a $10,000 first price, the first prize going to the most offensive, degrading cartoon depicting Muhammad. Needless to say Muslims were outraged and regarded this as blasphemous, the hall holding the contest was attacked by gunmen who were shot dead by police. I am not suggesting that Jews had anything to do with this cartoon contest, indeed, chances are they didn't but it shows the double standards involved in Congress and it's acts thanks to Jewish influence and they sure know this and use it to their advantage. There is no such thing as justice in this world....might is right and the mighty get to write the history books.

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    I think it's like criticising the zookeeper for keeping lions in cages. Some cultures are simply not the same. Some are more aggressive, espouse blatant hatred, blatant calls for violence, and nobody cares. They only care about the stories that fit their worldview - Israel=BAD / Palestine=GOOD.

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    The fact is that Israel is an American state but to an extent semi autonomous.

    I think you've got it backwards there

    America is an Israeli state/puppet. The amount they send in aid every year shows that quite clearly. American coffers are pilfered on behalf of their "greatest ally" Israel.

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    1000%… but you can imagine the phone call from Washington about 60 seconds after thats announced….let’s just say FDI would be mentioned.

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    Wow, that is really awful. They were "allowed" organise a muhammad cartoon contest, in a free country no less. I think it is clear who the villains are here.

    It is crazy that the shooting was to be expected. I didn't realise when I commented initially and was not familiar with the event.

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    The ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues.

    The only wiping out been done, is Israel wiping out Palestine.

    Colonialism continues unabated.

    Post edited by Zebra3 on

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    Sure all the history books tell us that "Germans=BAD/Jews=GOOD". They never focus on what the Jews might have hypothetically done to the Germans had the roles been reversed and the Jews put other Germans into camps instead.

    'Tis terrible revisionism altogether.

    (sarcastic post for anyone who can't tell)

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    It’s their treatment of non prisoners where the problem lies…everyday Palestinians.

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    Palestinians (or "Arabs" as they are known) live and work freely in Israel. They are allowed to practice their faith. They are able to live their lives with dignity and respect. We all know what would happen if there were Jews in Palestinian-controlled territory. It would be the same thing that's happened in all muslim-majority countries from Lebanon to Syria to Egypt to Iraq. They would be harassed and attacked and tormented until eventually they would have to flee the country. There is no moral high ground for Palestine, sorry.

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    They are able to live their lives with dignity and respect.

    until settlers decided they would quite like to live on their property so they bulldoze them out with the assistance of the IDF.

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    Would jews be able to live freely in Islamic countries? Why is it that we hold Israel to high standards but hold arabs to almost no standards?

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