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manufacturer support for product/firmware upgrades post warranty period

  • 25-04-2022 9:33am
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    is there any precedent/guidance here?

    the question was prompted by this thread about a just out of warranty product experiencing a fault after a firmware upgrade:

    now, apart from the fact that a product like that, with no moving parts, should last more than two years (though that's another debate), i'm used to dealing with suppliers who when a support case is raised, their first question will be 'are you on the latest version/firmware?' - so i'd be a bit cheesed if i got into the habit of keeping products up to date and was then told by the manufacturer 'tough luck' if i applied one just outside waranty (and please note - Yamaha have not come back with an answer yet in the above case)

    so, what's the best approach - simply stop applying firmware updates when out of warranty? or if the manufacturer is issuing updates, could it be argued that it's the fresh update which has failed, i.e. not the actual product which is out of warranty, so the manufacturer has a duty of care here? i guess this could be even more complicated in the case of auto-updating products where it might not be a conscious decision to apply an update.


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    Never knew sandbars required firmware upgrades..

    Anyways from googling the model it was a 2015 sound bar.

    Warranty aside, given they release firmware upgrades, Yamaha should have a specified support lifecyle for this model.

    This should be a defined date or release version where they will stop supporting this sound bar when it comes to upgrades.

    Hopefully you find a rollback/reset option just to completely verify that it was infact firmware and not a board/component issue.

    I have read the thread, fair play to RS for the credit option.

    Class customer service in fairness as im sure you would have still paid a chunk for it even if it was on clearance

    I would try to reach out to Yamaha, if you dont get a successful outcome with them, see if you can chain some CS managers, VP's to see what they can do.

    Worst case scenario RS have provided you with a credit without even looking at the item.

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    Skinny thanks for your kind words and Magicbastarder I have replied to your comment on the Richer Sounds Forum thread referenced above.

    To give some context - this unit was not purchased by Magicbastarder but by a regular Richer Sounds Customer and we have been actively chatting to them on Boards and supporting them. We have also offered the Customer a partial refund if the issue persisted and said that the Customer can retain the unit (as the issue only affects one part of the operation of the unit)

    The item is out of guarantee and was purchased some time ago as an open box clearance item, the issue now appears to be resolved by renewed firmware flash.

    I do appreciate the kernel comment re. manufacturers obligations but I did not want Boardies to feel that Richer Sounds were in any way neglecting the issue.


    John Mc & Crew

    John McDonald / Managing Director / Richer Sounds Ireland / [email protected] /

    John McDonald / Managing Director / Richer Sounds Ireland / / [email protected]

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    yep, i did link to the original thread to provide context and clarification. obviously richer sounds can't control what firmware upgrades are released by the manufacturer for products long out of warranty, so i was curious as to whether (from a legal viewpoint) they are provided on a 'install at your own risk' basis; or whether, if it's manufacturer's recommendations to keep the product updated, they are liable for the firmware updates failing.

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    thanks for the post and yes I understand that it is interesting - firmware updates are not under the retailers control, however, of course, if there was an epidemic failure ( difficult to use that term any more) as a result of a recommended firmware upgrade we would work with the manufacturer and Customers to resolve the issue.

    In many decades in the AV industry I have only seen a similar instance in one instance - not a firmware update but lack of a promised update with a popular TV, which was over 4 years old, we resolved the issue with the assistance of the manufacturer to the satisfaction of each Customer either by replacement or partial credit, however again I have to say that this was an exceptional issue and I have yet to see a firmware revision bricking a whole product line in any of the lines we have stocked in the last 30 years.


    John Mc & Crew

    John McDonald / Managing Director / Richer Sounds Ireland / / [email protected]