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McEntee launches Garda recruitment drive. Is this just lip service?

  • 11-02-2022 12:19pm
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    Recruiting for 800 police officers.

    If there were 800 newly recruited officers in Dublin alone it feels like it would only be a drop in the bucket.

    A national cultural shift is the long term aim of law enforcement development in Ireland.

    That trash/scumbag culture has been glamorized amongst so many factions and been allowed to flourish for far too long.

    Adequate law enforcement is the ONLY means it's ever going to be addressed.


    Not to mention McEntee has been posting ad nauseum about the supposedly wonderful job law enforcement have been doing on the DART and the Luas in tackling social misconduct.

    In all my journey's on said transport I don't think I've ever seen a single officer so much as put his face around one of the carriage doors, and on almost every occasion one is almost assured to see some kind of anti-social behaviour.

    Last week I was waiting to get off at middle abbey St.

    Some 6 ft skobe came violently charging down the carriage with a can of dutch-gold in his hand, roughly forcing his way past everyone, and before exiting the carriage turned to one dark skinned passenger, grabbed his crotch a bellowed, "hey you, I'll ryde your missus", before barreling through the 6 pm commuters on the platform outside.


    Yeah Helen, you've really got the justice department on top of things, and ensuring law enforcement maintain a basic level of civil social conduct is clearly at the top of the agenda (/sarcasm).