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Why can't we get e-pickups here?

  • 07-01-2022 11:48am
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    GM unveiled a 400 mile range full size Chevrolet Silverado today, starting at $40k.

    For that money were lucky to buy a used Nissan Leaf here.

    Ford have the Lightning, and the Rivian trick gets fantastic reviews (albeit a $65k truck)

    Why is the situation so crap here?

    I'd kill for an electric Navara, Ranger or Amarok .


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    I'd love the option to buy any of the the US pickups here.

    Rivian, Ford, GM etc only take reservations from US + CA.

  • Registered Users Posts: 78,962 ✭✭✭✭Atlantic Dawn

    Pickup market in Europe is tiny, the RHD market even smaller again. They could be an interesting import with the electric motor attracting low tax.

    The F150 Lightning will be a huge seller in the US.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,187 ✭✭✭zg3409

    A couple if diy options.

    You can hack a model 3

    Or start from scratch

    But the main reason they probably don't really exist is that they require a relatively large battery and that was mega cost in the past and efficiency of the shape would be low meaning real world range would be low. That said it's do able now, but as said right hand drive and limited demand mean even tesla has not bothered yet. Very big batteries on long trips means longer charging stops too, and many chargers are limited to 50kW.

    A good few defenders have been converted to EV by DIY or specialists but prices are eye watering. There is one owned on a Dublin reg, with an eniskerry company has a demo gold coloured vehicle probably on UK plates.

    They have a team here linked to Wales based Electric Classic cars. Here you can get certified for EV tax, but you may not be able to get half price tolls nor grants toward purchase. Many only have 22kW max charging rate but CCS is starting to become optional.

    So only obstacle is your budget.

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    I'd be fine with an LHD (have had a few US yokes already) but you just can't buy them here new at all. You can buy grey imports via the UK - where there are specialist american vehicle dealers selling new vehicles- but since brexit you'd be paying 2 lots of VAT, once from US to GB and then again from GB to IRL.

    I've imported from the US directly before, classics and commercials , In a few years I'd say I'd be going down that route as it doesnt seem we're gonna get any native EV pickups here.

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    The US e-pickups have weights above 3500kg, so couldn't be driven on a B licence. The Silverado is expected to have an empty weight of over 3400kg, and a payload of about 590kg. The F-150 is a similar empty weight, but with a payload of 700kg. They are about 20cm wider and 60cm longer than the Navara, Ranger or Amarok.

    There isn't really a market in the EU for heavier pickups being used as private motor vehicles. Driving licence requirements in the US allow these to be driven using a standard driver's licence (I just checked the state of Michigan as an example, and the requirements there are for a Commercial Driver's Licence are if you are commercially driving a vehicle/combination with a weight rating exceeding 26000 lbs. If the vehicle is being driven exclusively for carrying personal possessions or family members, then there is no weight limit). To drive the heavier pickups here requires a C licence, limiting the market.

    The cost of developing/certifying for the EU market is obviously not worth it to the manufacturers given the number of potential sales they would estimate. If it made financial sense for them to sell them here, then they would.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 20,397 ✭✭✭✭ELM327

    Yes, the 1500 class can be driven on a car license. Usually the 3/4 ton and 1 ton (2500/3500) are 4 and 4.5-5 k kg in terms of GVWR.

    My F250 for instance had an empty weight of 3100kg, a GVWR of ~4000kg, and was downplated after I imported it to have a GVWR of 3500kg or bang on the nose for a b license. Whereas my GMC Sierra 1500 had a GVWR from the factory of about 3250kg.

    I'll be getting a c license (already have the learner permit) as I suspect the cybertruck may need it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 196 ✭✭UID0

    The Silverado EV has two versions released. The WT is the base model with 250-300 miles range (so probably 100kWh battery) at $40k + destination charges, and the RST with 400 miles range (200kWh) battery pack at $105k + destination charges. The platform is the same platform as the Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyric. The lower range one will have a weight similar to the F150 Lightning, so an empty weight of around 2900-3200kg, which is more than the equivalent ICE due to the weight of the batteries. This will push its GVWR above 3500kg, but it could be downplayed to 3500 on import (if desired).

    The Silverado isn't available to order yet. There were refundable $100 pre-orders available on their website yesterday, with no guarantee on delivery timeframe, but they sold out in 12 minutes. It won't be until next year that the trucks can be ordered. The currently released dates are for the WT to arrive starting Spring 2023 and the RST arriving Fall 2023, with the rest of the range arriving in 2024/2025.

    I think you have plenty of time to get the C licence before the Cybertruck arrives.