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looking for a laptop for college computer science

  • 07-01-2022 12:01am
    Registered Users Posts: 21 NiceSwan

    Budget: I have a decent budget can go up to 2k for the right machine. I'm looking at the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6

    on Lenovo atm. 2 in 1 configured with i7-1165g7 and 32gb lpddr4x 4266mhz ram with the 4k WQUXGA ips screen might throw in the 5g sim slot too. no operating system and only 256 m.2 . Have a spare 500gb samsung m.2 in my main machine

    Working out at € 2,077 in the student store with 3 yr accident protection..

    I did the first semester from home, but think everything will be in person for the new semester. In case it matters. I'm a mature student, over 35.

    Intended use: For programming, Python, Java, bit of web dev. Don't need it to play games e.t.c. so programming, browsing, streaming,

    Mobility: Will be travelling each day walking , train and bus, so mobility is a factor. I have a beefy pc at home so any major work can be done on that.Need the Laptop just to get through lectures and labs. Can use cloud storage to save work as back up.

    Warranty: I don't mind doing work myself. installing upgrades and parts. The framework laptop looks interesting but can't get it here yet.

    What Operating System do you use? Windows machine. Might use linux Virtual machines. Not sure the yoga could manage that though.


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    2k college budget, nice to have. You don't seem like the type that actually needs too much advice tbh.

    Linux VM 's will run flawlessly on that hardware IMO

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    Suppose I'm still trying to convince myself to spend that much. I've looked at so many laptop reviews my brain is fried...

    Think the processor might be a bit light but if i get 3/4 years out of it i be happy enough.

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    You don't need anything like those specs. If you want to run Linux utilities from within Windows, can you not just use WSL? Or is there a specific reason you need a VM?

    Or just do it the traditional way and dual boot. I rarely boot into Windows tbh. Even things like MSOffice can be used online through a browser on Linux if there is a reason that an opensource alternative won't work properly.

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    you have no real need to spend that much

    take a look at the acer swift 3 on go for the i5 11th gen model

    15% discount available from unidays or studentbeans

    or something in the yoga line on lenovo - perfectly good machines also for 800 maybe - again go for 11th gen i5 spec or amd 5000 cpu (discount also available for students)

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    this is all you need

    it's light and well built, metal case, good screen, decent battery life, i5 that runs really well in it due to high TDP (watts) , 16gb ram, 1 Tb ssd

    it runs better than a fair few i7 models due to the high TDP

    get the 15% through student beans or unidays and you'll get it for 850 euro

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    I know with my existing heavy ASUS Predator Laptop I couldn’t install the VMs needed to do some online courses. Waited for my gaming desktop to arrive to install a set of VMs as labs to play around in.

    You certainly want something light enough to be transporting around with, things seem to get heavier as time passes!

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    Thanks for the suggestions will have a look at the acer.