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Construction Management Graduate Opportunitys

  • 17-12-2021 9:14am
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    I am in the final year of my course and was just wondering about what jobs I could be looking at when I graduate. (please excuse my lack of knowledge/inexperience I haven't been on site for placement due to covid)

    I know I am more into construction than civils and that I am more interested in being on site for a contractor rather than working for a consultancy.

    In a Construction Contractor type of company what would be a quick overview of the roles available to me?

    Any info/experience greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

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    Right. Well firstly you're graduating at a good time. Site personnel are scarce.

    When you say you'd prefer construction to civils I'm going to assume you mean a preference for building.

    So time to do some research.

    There are 100s of construction companies ranging from ones lie BAM and Sisk with hundreds of employees down to subbies with 1 or 2.

    They'll each have their own way of employing graduates. Big companies have graduate programmes with defined paths for the first coupe of years. Small companies who hire graduates will want them to be able to be a jack of all trades.

    Have worked with many construction management grads. They have almost exclusively started in graduate engineer roles, in this country it's just the way it's done.

    Btw I'd say post in a more popular forum.