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Call the Gardai?



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    Actually you make a good point about TUSLA. I’ll get on to them on Monday. Thanks.

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    Was out years ago in the local nightclub and at the table beside us a couple were having a Barney. As I was deliberating getting involved the fella just headbutted his woman and knocked her out.

    The bouncers were straight over n threw him out, we went out for a fag and the bouncers were giving yer man a few slaps. Who appears only the love of his life and attacks the bouncers! I was glad I didn't get involved I would have gotten bottled by both of them! I'm pretty sure I read a few year ago some lad intervened n was killed by a martial arts guy in Dublin.

    I wouldn't get involved tbh op.

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    Maybe, just maybe, the OP is indifferent to the travails of them next door.. Perhaps she's just sick of the mayhem, and that was her reason for wanting/considering calling the guards, and is perhaps why she posted here.. Is probably wondering (am guessing she wants the situation to end, moreso than 'saving' the 'damsel in distress' - I know it would be the same with me) , and foolishly hoping that the 'antisocial behaviour' would be nipped in the bud by the authorities intervening.. Highly unlikely anything's going to happen.. There's certain 'types' that get away with allsorts, and, other types (soft targets 😒) that would probably get a trip to the DC on a rare occasion they might have had loud music on, should another 'certain type' have complained about it..

    No percentage in ringing the Gardaí OP.. % chance of the mayhem discontinuing, and for you to suffer no 'recriminations' ; without knowing the totality of the circumstances, I have it priced at 14/1 = <7% chance of a happy outcome.. Leave well enough alone, and it's likely nature will take it's course; the situation next door will 'escalate' , and you might get some peace then.. Harder to price, but I'd have it at 11/1 it'll be over in the next 10 weeks, which is also poor odds, but the chances of you getting hassled should you be deemed the person who 'dimed' your neighbour; well, that's priced at ~5/2, and for something untoward to happen on the back of it (ie worse than the nutter roaring at you) , I'd have it at no bigger than 7s..

    Best of luck OP... Looks like a no win situation atm..Forget about anyone else's 'welfare' .. "It aint yours to carry" , as the yanks say.. She knows where her front door is, and she can leave whenever she wants; which she likely doesn't... Maybe they're from one of them countries that don't put flouride in the water..

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    Not worried they'll know You called tusla then?

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    I'd ask why the woman's grown sons didn't call the guards themselves?

    To thine own self be true

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    OP has the "advice" they sought

    This is not "Current Affairs"

    Thread closed

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