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RTB Adjudication and Appeals



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    Post 1

    "They issued an eviction notice as they wanted to sell, which was deemed invalid by threshold and we were told to inform the management company"

    Post 3

    "I spoke to threshold about the notice of termination and they said it is valid, hence why I didn't question it/dispute it from the get go."

    It seems you either can't read or can't count or both!

  • Registered Users Posts: 634 ✭✭✭ houseyhouse

    Well, we know the new owners bought a property with a family in situ since 2008. We know they bought through BidX1, which is notorious for selling properties with problems at a good price, i.e. they took a risk. And we know they didn’t get a regular mortgage (no bank will give one without vacant possession) so they either (1) got a buy-to-let mortgage, in which case it’s not fair to say that they are ‘landlords against their will’ or (2) they are cash buyers, in which case they had substantial savings/inheritance available to them and they now have no mortgage to repay on the property.

    Look, I’m a landlord myself. I know how onerous the rules can be for LLs. But I think it’s unlikely the LL in this story is in a worse position than the o/p, who is worrying about having a roof over their kids’ head this Christmas.

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    I know, it’s tough at this time of year especially but we really don’t know the owners situation. I wouldn’t describe the current relationship as that of a tenant and landlord though.

    OP, I hope you can come up with a solution that suits you both and best of luck with your new home.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11 tdawgg

    Thanks all for the comments! I hope to reach to an agreement with the LL as the house will be built early next year! So few more weeks, according to the LL he is renting but I don’t have evidence/proof of that!

    all documents signed by him lead to a house in fox rock ( I believe to be a family home ) which he is residing in currently!

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    It is irrelevant where he is living. You just need to string the process out, even if he is sleeping in a tent on Three Rock Mountain.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 11 tdawgg

    That’s my hope

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