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Cant get appointment with GP



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    There is much less WFH in the HSE, if not almost none, since the cyberattack. All remote access was removed.

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    The General Practice system simply no longer works in Ireland and UK. There are not half enough to service the needs of the country. Even before pandemic one couldn’t contact my GP directly by phone. The system for years has been voicemail where you leave your name, number and message and the receptionist phones you back in a few hours to give an appointment some days later or whatever is needed. Of course now it is pretty much invariably matter of a phone consultation. At least I can contact by email, and they explicitly prefer that. The admin staff in the practice I attend are really bad communicators, and I will get an unsigned return minimally worded email stating “noted” or “Tuesday 10am”, like in style of 1960s telegrams or 2000s texts where a limited number of characters is permitted 😂

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    My GP must be the only one not too busy to get as much money out of you as possible. Emailed the surgery last week to get a repeat prescription for a thyroid issue which I've had for the past 7-8 years, always been stable, and had gotten bloods a week before so that he had up to date results on it, and his secretary said he wanted me to come in for a "physical examination".

    When I explained that there was nothing physically wrong with me, I got a reply from the secretary saying that it was practice policy. So I wrote back that i wasn't paying €65 for a 2 minute chat and a prescription when I was not unwell and that I'd go off the tablets and I'd see the doctor the next time I was ill. I then got a sarky reply from the doctor himself that maybe my previous surgery "obviously didn't provide enough care" and that he expected to see someone he's prescribing to every 6 months @€65 a pop, plus bloods @€40 a pop or I could "find another doctor". "Care" sure seems expensive. No wonder surgeries are so busy when they are dragging fit people, with stable conditions, for €65 a pop.

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    You sound like exactly the type of person GPs want to see at the moment in that you are feeling completely well! - I bet if you rang up/emailed feeling sick you will be ignored.

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    Tried to get an appointment a month ago for Gastroenteritis. Had to wait a week and then it was over the phone. Absolute joke what they can get away with. My last doctor was excellent, until he was hounded out.

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