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After a Dump - Door open or door closed?

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    Settle this argument for me boardsies: At work we have 4 mens toilets (no urinals), in a row that lead directly on to a corridor. So each with their own door and hand basin. Each has a small window going outside.

    Some of the Neanderthals working here think it's better to leave the door open after doing the business to 'air the room out a bit' Only problem is that they smell of shyte then gets into a busy corridor.

    My argument is to open the window, yes it takes longer for the smell to disseminate, but at least we don't have to breath in someone else's excrement. I brought this up at lunch and was surprised at the amount of people who were in favour of leaving the door open (it's about 50:50), even though they all complain about the smell of shyte in the corridor.

    So what do Boards think?

    1. Door open, smell of shyte leaves the room quickly but it means you have a near permanent smell of it in the corridor all day (especially bad in the morning and after lunch).
    2. Window open, whiff stays in the bog a bit longer, but the corridor is free of it all day.
    3. Atari Jaguar's shyte doesn't smell.

    EDIT: (Mods can add a poll if they want, no idea how to do that).