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Leinster chess union website

  • 19-10-2021 7:19pm
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    Curious to know if anyone has any info on above? I'm getting a "this account has been suspended" message? TIA.


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    Leinsterchess webpage

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    There's still no announcement on the LCU site about how the 2019/20 season is to be closed out, or how leagues might resume.

    To be fair, I guess it's impossible to plan but the committee might put up some kind of announcement about what their ideas are, or to invite submissions.

    In view of the recent Covid trends, the provisionally scheduled National Club Championship in late November must be in doubt, and surely there can be no league revival until 2022.

    So perhaps it's a good time to revive plans for alternative structures. For example, a national league championship played on weekends like 4NCL in Britain?

    Or separate weekday (greater Dublin clubs only) and weekend (whole of Leinster) divisions for when inter-club play resumes?

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    I beleive the 2019/2020 Leagues have been decided by average match score.

    There is an EGM happening on the 29th November to discuss the start of the 2021/2022 League with a slightly different structure to accomodate the shorter season

    There was an E-mail sent out to all Clubs.

    2019/2020 Outcome


    Champions - Gonzaga

    Relegated - Dublin University and Blanchardstown


    Champions - Malahide

    Also promoted - Dún Laoghaire

    Relegated - Curragh, Skerries


    Champions - UCD

    Also promoted - Gonzaga

    Relegated - Rathmines A, Dublin University.  (Note Dublin University are relegated to the Bodley in accordance with rule 5.9, and an additional team will be promoted from the BEA and Bodley as a result)


    Champions - Kilkenny

    Also promoted - Portmarnock

    Relegated - Malahide B, Malahide A, Blanchardstown

    BEA North

    Champions - Finglas

    Also promoted - Drumlish

    Relegated - Balbriggan, Malahide

    BEA South

    Champions - Kilkenny

    Also promoted - Gonzaga

    Relegated - Curragh, Rathmines

    Bodley North

    Champions - Dundalk

    Also promoted - Drumlish B

    Bodley South

    Champions - UCD

    Also promoted - Dublin, Celbridge (having a higher points-per-game total than Naomh Barróg, the third-place team in the Bodley North)

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    Correct. If any clubs didn't get the email (and I know the vast majority did because they've been replying), get in touch because we might have old contact details.

    The website just needs a penny in the meter; overlooked given recent inactivity but should be back shortly. In the meantime, all the tables are still there

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    EGM now moved to Zoom due to increasing incidences of covid.

    It'll probably be a quick enough meeting, but hopefully it'll allow us be ready to start into an agreed something when restrictions finally do bugger off.