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Galway to Dublin train on Christmas Eve?

  • 19-10-2021 9:54am
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    Hi all, just thought I would ask here to get some advice.

    Me and the mrs are thinking about staying overnight the 23rd of December and get the train home back to dublin on the 24th (christmas eve) But is that a bad idea? Just asking if getting a train back would be a nightmare etc.

    Any help appreciated.


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    There are 10 trains to Dublin from Galway on the 24th lots of choice there don't know why it would be a nightmare never heard of problems maybe in the opposite direction.

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    They're usually rather busy but pre-booking is likely to still be in place, so book now.

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    Irish rail usually require prebooking on all trains that day. Once you have the ticket booked, your seat is guaranteed. I would pack lightly, from experience most people travelling the 24th have a lot of luggage between suitcases and presents. Last time I travelled on the 24th there was luggage stored in between the carriages.

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    Maybe not as busy, but some of the Dublin-bound services could still be very busy, especially with the extra luggage that has been mentioned. From experience, I'd avoid travelling intercity on Christmas Eve unless it was absolutely necessary. But then my rail journeys usually require two train changes, not a problem between Galway and Dublin.

    Re a point that was mentioned by another poster: Reserved seating was only reinstated last week. It was a Covid thing to drop it, I forget the stated rationale. Hopefully the daily case numbers situation won't cause it to be dropped again.

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    If you prebook, you should be ok, but remember, services will finished earler that normal that day , so don't book the last train, you might find it cancelled in a while.

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    cheaper faster.... yes but more comfort on train (when you get seat)

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    Definitely less comfortable. There is a big difference between Citylink and Gobus regarding leg room. Gobus seems more suitable if you have very short legs indeed. So you have to keep them bended or sit at an angle for the duration.

    I have heard too many scare stories about people abusing the reserved seating on trains. As in sitting in a reserved seat and refusing to move when the reserved person, as it were, shows up, even within the time frame allowed.

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    Legroom is an issue if you are taller. Other than that the buses are generally quieter and warmer in winter. The noise abuse on trains recently is nuts. People listening to music with no headphones, talking at shouty level etc, never mind those breaking several Covid rules. The trains when nice are lovely if that makes sense! If I need a rest or a snooze I get the bus, but if I want to use laptop, and am wide awake, it's the train.

    What happens with the reserved seat sometimes is a particularly Irish phenomenon. Someone gets to their seat, someone's in it and so they take someone else's and the whole thing dominoes! I get eye rolls when I have to ask someone to move but it's the only way. If it's someone very elderly though, I cave and look for an open seat :/ Sometimes it's not the fault of the passengers though, I have been on a train when the names didn't come up at all or came up only around Woodlawn!