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Problem with Eflow

  • 18-10-2021 9:57pm
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    Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with Eflow and online statements. Basically I need full statements for company tax return. Eflow did a major IT overhaul in August and now I can no longer access full statements online. I have phoned numerous times (average wait time 40 minutes ), in fairness everyone I have spoken to has been as helpful as they can but have not been able to tell if and when issue will be resolved. I have emailed but that’s another story😩.


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    Why do you need statements? To match the DD payments against the invoices or to match the journeys against the invoices? If first, this can be done manually, matching the records from the invoices and your bank records from the online banking. If second, journeys at least for me are showing up on my, invoices you should already have saved in to your device, if you're doing a proper admin/bookkeeping discipline within the organisation.

    Is the problem with the website that you're getting and error or that there's no longer statement option available? (At least I don't have it, but maybe business accounts have that?).

    Some time ago eflow had a Fleet Team for business customers with more than 5 or 10 tags. They sometimes can help in such circumstances. But their contact phone and hrs are diff than the main call centre.

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    Hi, it’s only one tag, a solo business. It’s the bookkeeper who wants them as I guess it’s the easier option

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    I had the same issue. I needed the invoices from the eflow site to file a VAT return. I could not log in despite requesting a change of password facility which didnt work. I have heard of others who have experienced the same issue. I emailed them every few days until I got the issue sorted. It took 5-6 weeks. If they charge you vat they must provide an invoice showing this.

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    I'm a business user with a large fleet of vehicles. The new website is probably one of the worst I've come across. There is nowhere where I can download my active vehicles. This function is critical to run reports of usage and cost allocation and was available on the previous website.

    I rang them 3 weeks ago and finally got through (after 45 minutes). After explaining my issues the CS rep said that someone form their IT department would call me the following day, this never happened. I've sent numerous emails. all ignored, and have spoken to several CS reps. I was put into a que for call back last Wednesday (15 calls ahead of me) and was told it would definitely be Thursday. Again nothing as of yet. I'm just about to call them again but have no faith in it being resolved.

    What is infuriating is that they launched a new website without any prior warning. As a business user we have our system configured for the data formats of the previous eFlow reports. I now have to trying to get our system updated but need vital information from them before I go ahead with this.

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    Statement and invoice are different things. OP is talking about a statement but didn't clarify what info is needed, when I asked above (to match journeys against an invoice or payments against an invoice).

    Eflow invoices are being provided automatically on their website. It's the statements you're talking about. If being billed monthly, statements can be done by yourself very quickly (match invoice amount, if invoices accessible (for me they are), with the DD payment from your online banking. It would take 15 mins to do. I wouldn't have waited for so long and would have done myself.

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    I may be wrong, but I saw an option to download a csv file from the Journeys page, once logged in. There are the tag numbers, reg, journey date & time. What do you mean "download active vehicles"? Vehicles list on the account, you mean? Vehicles list is available through the Vehicles page. No option to download, though. For a huge fleet company it's a big disadvantage.

    Possibly, this should be managed by your own fleet manager within the company - make some sort of an xlsx file with added and removed vehicles, date and time it's done, etc. Of course, time consuming, and need to check against the journeys csv occasionally. But I completely agree, that a new website is looking nice, however, functionality is poor. I guess, Emovis don't want to do fleet managing for free.

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    Thanks for that. My company has well over 300 vehicles, mostly commercial. Some are owned, some are on long term lease and some are on short term(ish) hire. I've migrated a lot of the fleet over to easytrip as their tags cover all toll roads. The hire vehicles are all on eflow as the hire company transfer the tolls over to our account and it's not practical to issue a new easytrip tag for a short hire. I may well migrate all vehicles over to easytrip if eflow won't reinstate the ability to download the vehicles, but so far I haven't been able to talk to anyone in eflow to see if they are planning on doing this. I have phoned, emailed continuously for the past month yet nothing. I spent 45 minutes this morning in a que, only to be transferred to another department and another 25 minute que, only to find out that they had sent me to the wrong department. The fleet manager does look after this, but he uses the tools that were made available by eflow. To change a website and remove functionality without prior notice is absurd and totally unprofessional.

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    eFlow tags also work on all toll roads though?

    eFlow had superior customer care to easytrip until about six months ago. They've gone off a cliff now.

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    Sounds like a madness. Probably trying to save money, invested in the website, but didn't think well about a functionality. Now they can't cope with the queries. Can't hire more call centre agents either, as they depend on the government's funding.

    If Google is giving correctly, I'd rather call to Eflow Fleet Team 0818505080. It's a small team, but most of them are senior agents or above.

    When you call to a call centre, some of them are very young, sometimes slow, sometimes doesn't know what they're doing, just talking nice but god knows what buttons they press on your account. I've seen some absolutely wonderful agents, but some are clueless. Instead of calling to them just to ask to be transferred to a fleet team, call them directly. They most likely transfered you to the Resolvers Team - they are for arrears. Wrong team. Some new agents may even not know what a fleet team is because a call centre is in a different building in the different area of the city. Also, call centres always have a big turn around, so it's hard to keep motivated professionals. Training is also complicated, lots of stuff to remember and work around.

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    Easytrip and eflow tags work for all ROI tolls. All tag providers are on the

    I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I suppose some people where on a lay off or left last year. There was a very low traffic on the road, so possibly savings for staff was in place. But now temporary covid payment is still in place. Some young people prefer a payment over a work in a call centre or similar place. Restaurants and retail is also suffering now. Some young people are back in college and decided not to work, some are living with families since last year, and they can afford studying without a job... Hard to get motivated and smart people for a not very impressive salary. It also takes time to train them well.

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    Brilliant, thanks for that number. It is indeed the number for the fleet management department. They even have a dedicated email address, but none of these contact details are on the website or are they given out by the standard CS representative!! This level of incompetence by the senior management team is mind boggling, and I really feel sorry for the support staff, as they are the ones to face the gauntlet of disgruntled users. I've had a look at their FB page and it'd by hilarious if it wasn't so serious!

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    It's not on the website to prevent from private customers to call and bother fleet team.

    Call centre may not be aware due to very young agents (lack of discipline, lack of attention to details etc). New starters have over a 100 pages book of info to remember. Training is 2 weeks, but they loose attention during training. They normally learn on the go, when a quality control find a mistake. Salaries aren't great so motivation is low. Even if salaries would be higher, work in a call centre is very high stress environment. Extremely hard to keep a good quality when people are constantly changing. It's all about the funding from the government who wants to keep as much money from the penalties and tolls (profit) as possible. They try to keep operations low cost. And this is the result of it. They probably expected the website to be running smoothly by now, hence a lower number of agents in a call centre. Possibly expected a reduced number of calls as customers would be dealing with queries on their online account. But didn't think about possible flow of new queries regarding. It will pass within a few months, maybe half a year, depending how quickly customers will adapt.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭Trekker09

    But surely it should be accessible and easy to find once I sign into my account! We're kind of getting to the chicken and the egg situation here. The issues are solely down to weak management and zero planning. I don't blame the CS agents at all, they are not being given the basic tools to do their job. If it takes over 3 weeks, numerous phone calls and emails to find out that there is a dedicated business team then whoever is scripting the CS workflow needs to be sacked! It's a level of incompetence and managerial indifference that is akin to the Eircom fiasco a few years back.

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    Tell me something new :) Usually managers in Ireland are people from the lower levels with very little education in business and learning to be managers while already are. I think Irish are known for not being able to be well organised. Don't get me wrong, many other good qualities. Eir is a very good example of poor management. Sky is also horrible at this. Managers aren't good, they know that, but also afraid of changes (maybe feeling someone better could push them out?). Irish business as usual, in other words ;)

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    Hi, just to clarify my accountant required a full statement, brief invoice as currently shown on my account is not sufficient for Revenue.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,290 ✭✭✭bladespin

    Same, we have to submit itemised invoices, private trips vs business etc, it's a clusterfcuk.

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    They're a disaster. Their "Upgrade" led to them suspending my account. Called them, and got an apology. They reinstated it, and a few hours later suspended it. I told them I was leaving, and 4 months, numerous calls and emails, and I'm still waiting for a refund on the credit I had on my account.