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I want more free money

  • 09-10-2021 3:40pm
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    Another Daily Mail, sorry (they are so similar these days with equal amounts of sh1te in both) tear jerker story looking for more money

    Yes, I have some sympathy, but one question that has not been (and for some reason never is) asked in these puff pieces of rubbish is "Where's the father", why is he (or they in some cases) not contributing one cent?

    I'll give some some free advice Grainne - get a court order for maintenance and make sure its enforced.

    and as for your 25 year old daughter - surely if she's living there she should be contributing to the bills. - or was that just handily left out of the equation as it didn't suit the narrative of the indo's gutter style journalism?

    Oh, I I suspect you also forgot about the huge supports the government has for disabled services (yes, they always want/need more, but its very good if compared internationally)

    And lucky you don't live a few miles way across the border - the allowance is about 70% LOWER and children's allowance is also almost half the rate here. - I think your story should say "Thankfully we live here as we can get by with what we get unlike similar people in Northern Ireland who are on the breadline in the same situation"