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A possible idea for those afraid of the S/A centerfire ban

  • 20-09-2021 8:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 25 irishshooter32

    Ok folks so as I’ve stated in a previous thread I plan on licensing a .223 S/A restricted rifile now whilst the ban that may be coming into effect in the next few months or year states that all license holders after 2015 will lose there guns there is definitely a strong argument for those to keep there guns before the ban goes into effect now the reason why I would be and many would be hesitant to panic buy and go through the painful process of buying licensing and importing these guns is obviously because we may or may not lose them possibly with no compensation now I thought Would it be possible for me to just license the lower receiver for an ar15 and then see what happens worst case senario I lose mabye €100 for the receiver €80 for the license and mabye some import fee witch I’m perfectly ok with that gamble and then after I have my receiver and a license for my .223 S/A I could later on when we know a little more about the ban go and buy whatever parts I want to setup my rifile that I would be licensed to own?

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