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Outboard maintenance course

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    Hello there. I was wondering if there are courses available for the maintenance of outboards ? I have a couple of engines there that have been lying up for a few years and would like to recondition them. Nothing bigger than 50hp. Freshwater use only. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Your best bet is probably YouTube every engine and problem is bound to be on it, you can also ask here and we will try to help you along. "Irish sailing and training" did do a one day course that might be worth checking out but I'd say they are just basic maintenance and wont help with some of the problems you come across. First thing I do with old engines is check compression you are looking for no more than 10% between each cylinder if it's not it could mean a total engine rebuild, next is spark, new fuel carburettor rebuild and an impeller change the impeller is a rubber wheel that pumps the water around the engine and if an engine has been sitting for a while they can break up and clog the engine causing it to overheat. So if you have good compression, good spark, good fuel and good air flow you should have a good runner.

  • Ringsend Technical Institute have in the past offered a marine engine maintenance course over about six weeks. It covered outboards and marine diesel engines.