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Max voltage / max temperature on Eddi

  • 13-09-2021 3:05pm
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    Quick couple of questions about the Eddi diverter. Recently had a new thermostat installed - the old one had been on it's way out for years and finally gave up the ghost. The electrician asked me a couple of basic questions that I hadn't a clue how to answer. Am sending an email to the installers but I thought the hive mind here might be a quicker source of information -

    1. How do you set the max temperature on the Eddi - i.e. how does it know when max temp is reached. Or does it just take the info from the thermostat?
    2. How do you / can you set the max voltage coming from the diverter to the immersion. Electrician measures it at 15A. Thermostat is max rated at 16A. He'd be happier with 12-13A.

    Thanks for reading.