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Like You’re Not Even Trying: The Late Late Show, Friday 10th September 2021

  • 10-09-2021 5:23pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,253 ✭✭✭ Pelvis Parsley

    Good evening all!

    Tonight on the show:

    “Ireland's Paralympians Jason Smyth, Ellen Keane, Nicole Turner, Gary O'Reilly, Katie-George Dunlevy, and Eve McCrystal will be guests, along with sports journalist Joanne O'Riordan, to talk about their success, their homecoming, and their medals.”

    No doubt our fun loving compere will make this more about adversity, and less about achievement, cos that’s how he rolls…

    …and because he knows feck all about sport, which will make this next interview even more stilted and awkward than usual.

    “Ireland Rugby Coach and Munster player Paul O'Connell will join host Ryan Tubridy to discuss how he finds life on the side-line with Ireland and the new challenges he is facing now that he is back with the national team.”

    Samantha Mumba is on as well, but hopefully not singing-while she never set the world on fire as far as I was concerned, I have to give her some credit for once comparing Twink to “Barbie’s granny.”

    ”Comedian Joanne McNally will also reveal why her therapist ghosted her, as well as talking about being kicked off a celebrity dating website, life in London and why she has the spare key to Vogue’s house.”

    Being blanked by your therapist as well as not measuring up to celebrity status seems quite amusing to me, and might unintentionally be the funniest thing about this comedienne (who I have never otherwise heard of).

    Misery slot, unless he manages to mine some from any or all of the above may well come courtesy of…

    ”…the long-lost siblings who had been left as babies on either side of the Irish border only to find each other over 50 years later through the help of DNA testing and the ITV programme Long Lost Family.”

    Finally, music this evening, unless the bould Sam hogs the mic for a bit, is by Hermitage Green (vaguely familiar), and Orla Gartland (no idea).