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Lignum restaurant, Loughrea-menu?

  • 09-09-2021 6:06pm
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    I'd like to try Lignum, been hearing amazing reviews. However they don't publish the menus, anyone able to tell what was on the tasting menu or Sunday menu please?




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    We were there for Sunday lunch once at least a couple of years ago now. It was really delicious. They stopped doing Sunday lunch shortly afterwards - otherwise we would have returned. This was well before any pandemic. There were lots of small courses - more than the 5 that were on the menu. But I can't remember what we had.

    I hadn't realised Sunday lunch was back until I saw your post. On Facebook this is listed for next Sunday:

    "Featuring on this week’s Sunday Lunch menu is our 21 day dry aged Thornhill Duck cooked 3 times at 3 different temperatures in our wood burning oven, a technique we’ve been working on over the past few months."

    (Sorry about the double post - I don't know how that happened)

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    From looking at their Instagram they have been serving a lot of seafood last week. It is always very seasonal. I've been there three times I think and it was always really amazing but you do need to be prepared to eat some interesting and different things. If you are not a fish/shellfish fan for example I'd ring ahead as the majority of dishes could be based on this.