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Advice on reciprocating saws for heavy garden work

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    I have some heavy pruning to do and some old small trees which I want to cut down. I've used a chainsaw for some of this type work in the past but my machine is broken now and needs to be replaced.

    I came across reciprocating saws recently and they seem easier to manage for this type of work and probably safer also.

    Has anyone used them for cutting trees or heavy pruning?


  • Hi Bullpost ,

    I use one sometimes. Dont know if if I'd recommend it as your go to tool but it has its place.

    Problem with them is if the branch can move at all then it will just go back & forth with the blade instead of cutting.

  • I tried cutting a log with a reciprocating saw I have, wasn't great, blade teeth clogged with material and was getting very little progress then. It was just a 'wood' blade but I can see removal of sawn material from blade teeth being a problem for any sort of deep cut over an inch or two. Probably why a chainsaw works so well. 0/10 would not recommend.

  • I bought a DeWalt cordless chainsaw last year.

    They're great.

    The end.

  • I have used reciprocating saws but they don't work well. I would go for either a Lidl or Aldi battery saw.