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Unknown make. Any info


  • 😂

    Aroxana were one of those Swiss "microbrands" that were common to the watch business from the 40's up to the 1970's. I'd put yours in the late 50's early 60's by the overall style of men's watches of that time. Has a decently jewelled movement so should respond well to some TLC. These brands used bought in Swiss movements so parts if needed should be easy to source. Probably just needs a mainspring and a service. That's as much as I'd do to it myself. It'll be gold plated(I'd bet the back of the case is steel) so not too many options to restore the case, though a light cleaning should help, maybe a new crown which would brighten it up. A new crystal would jazz it up too. None of this stuff is mad money either and that way you'd have your dad's watch ready for another 60 years of service. 🙂

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  • Thanks for the reply.

    It hasn't run for at least 20 years. I wound it today and its keeping perfect time.

    Yes, was thinking of a new crystal, a clean and a service. It looks to be plated ok, hopefully will clean up well.the back is stainless and marked as swiss made.

  • Amazing how these old watches run perfectly once they are wound, after lying idle for years.

    I wear my da's old watch too the odd day, and it keep excellent time as well. I'm guessing it must be 50+ years old.