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dinghy/inflatable on blessington lake?

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    have a very basic inflatable dinghy with paddles from lidl and wanted to try it out. nothing serious, no "all around the lake" test etc, have a 50n swim vest too. now i realised there are esb boat permits of course...found this one:

    which says "inflatables of any type NOT permitted".

    Am I getting this right, does this permit apply to such small/recreational stuff?

    Are dinghys or kayaks (inflatable from decathlon?) not allowed on blessington?

    Does the same apply for all other lakes in Ireland as well?

    Where can I use it then? sea? that's way more dangerous, lol



    Ps. No big deal atm, but was thinking about getting something like BARK sometime later, but if that's correct seems there is no point to buy that type of equipment...