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Blindboy cancels himself.



  • the new stuffy old grey englanders are the so called woke brigade of which he is rebelling against

  • No offence taken - thanks for the input all - I will take it filed under "consideration". As I said as soon as more "ideal" solutions or paths become available or I become capable of implementing them or turning anything over to people who can do so - I will absolutely be doing so. Until such time however I will continue to be doing the best I can with the resources I have rather than do nothing at all.

    I do wonder how "vetted" or affiliated with established organisations some people are or are able to be when they start doing the work they do too. Random example that entered my recent consciousness would be someone like Jason Wilson in the US and his "Transformational Training Academy". Sometimes people just see other people in need and step up and help out.

    Anyway - apologies to all if this is a derailment of the thread topic.

  • Pretty sure he's leaving himself open to criminal prosecution if the Gardaí get wind of it. The Child Protection laws aren't there for the craic.

  • I was thinking more along the lines of accusations of CSA, or legal action if a kid takes his own life and word gets back to the parents that they were part of an illegal “Jedi” academy that was offering “advice” on their mental state.

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  • Absolutely, the laws are there to protect the adults too.

  • Honestly if you want to continue with your group and don't want to come under the umbrella of any local or national organisation you'd be well advised to formalise your position somewhat, seek charitable status for your group and get vetted. you can add on any expertise you need after that but right now you should focus on what your legal standing is.

  • The idea that the local street urchins and corner boys were saved from a life of crime, addiction, and mental health issues by a little lad teaching the ways of the Jedi is just really funny. It’s an amusing mental picture.

  • Again apologies if we have derailed the topic of the thread here at all. It was not my intention.

    Everything is entirely informal now - in fact that I jokingly refer to it on boards as a "Jedi Acadamy" makes it sound more formal than it actually is and more of a thing than it actually is which might be the reason for the majority of your concern. In reality its just a load of people hanging out as friends - during which we happily share and impart some of our skills as we hang out - and if during that the friendships come to a point where like in any friendship someone opens up to me about something like a mental health issue or concern - then like I would with any other friend - I mention all the resources I know of that deal with that particular issue including - which is the only reason I mention this stuff at all - any blindboy podcast where I happen to know he discussed that particular issue.

    If it allays your concerns in any way on the legal front however - one of my girlfriends is in fact working in Law for near 10 years now mostly in an ongoing academic context (some real work in the field but mostly continual ongoing study along with lecturing and writing of papers and thesis or whatever it is legal people do, don't ask me hehehe) so Law and specifically Irish Law is very much her wheelhouse and were I engaged in anything of even moderate concern she would raise it with me before the next cock had a chance to dream about getting up for it's next crow. And in fact I know she lurks on boards and is likely reading this too.

  • You run a Jedi school and have a harem of girlfriends? Must listen to this Blindbag fella.

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  • Blindboy says this on the podcast all the time - he's just a lad with a bag on his head, so before anyone goes taking anything he says too seriously, it's worth remembering that fact. His opinions on mental health, feminism, toxic masculinity and any other touchy subject for the Internet are mostly confined to his podcast. Occasionally he's asked to come on some programme and speak on something, but as he says himself, too often he's given just 5 or 10 minutes to talk about something fairly complex and therefore has to reduce it to its most basic form, so he's gradually shied away from doing it. So, now he's mainly just doing the podcast, which is easily avoidable if you don't like him.

    As for the term Spastic, yeah it would have been thrown about quite a bit back when he was in school (late 90s/early 2000s), It could be aimed at a person with disabilities, but also at the weird kid in school. Maybe by the time he wrote that song, usage of spastic for the latter category had disappeared from the lexicon of secondary school bullies, meaning it was now exclusively aimed at the former, but Blindboy wasn't aware of that fact. He was out of the loop with terms of abuse in schools being that he was in his 20s at the time.

    And he could of course just be trying to cover his arse with a clumsy public statement, but it's only fair to consider the other possibilities as well.

  • His interview at the time shows that he knew exactly what spastic meant.

  • I've not heard "r u a Benny tied to a pole?" in almost 40 years.

    The response: "No"

    Then: "Benny on the loose"


  • Two is hardly a harem. I do not run a school. Not really - I just jokingly call it that.

    Rather I have befriended a group who were - problematic in our locality - and I have been doing a set of things with them since. When trying to decide what to do with them I decided to imagine what a real world Jedi Curriculum would entail and I used that as inspiration for the activities I suggested. Since I have been training over a decade in a few things like close up magic and martial arts and meditation - it made sense. I also am in a relationship with a linguist with an interest in cultures - as well as knowing other martial arts people into things like knife and sword fighting - and so on.

    So a curriculum centred around Jedi - who are essentially just cultural ambassadors with close combat and sword skills - clicked in a pleasing way. The magical stuff like using the Force and mind control I of course can not teach them - but I can teach them pleasing illusion and mentalism magic that sometimes has similar effects :)

    So I latched on to it as a social structure rather than running any kind of actual school. In reality it is no more formal or structured than a man cave centred around football and DIY :) It's just a group of mates where some mates are teaching the other mates skills they have. Good luck to anyone trying to make a law suit stick to that :) If you made a group of mates and when deciding what to do together you jumped on - say - the name "Dead Poets Society" and that name inspired you in your choices of what to do with your mates - that's not really a structured school or system either. It's just mates doing stuff.

    But I think jokingly calling it a school/acadamy might have made it sound more formal and structured than it actually is - so I can see why it raises legal or social concerns that are in fact not really warranted - but very understandable. And as I said above I appreciate the concern and input even if I do not see it as applicable. That people care at all - is a good thing and I thank them for it.

    Which - returning to the thread topic which we keep derailing - I suspect Blindboy actually does. While I am once again no devotee of his - I find little reason not to take him at face value that he is as concerned about the welfare of people in Ireland as he claims to be. Jordan Peterson springs to mind there too. Often I find him boring and often he espouses absolute woo magical nonsense. But - I have seen him break down in real tears talking about the suffering of young people and for all his many faults I do not at all doubt his concerns and agenda are genuine too. I think Peterson and Blindboy deserve none of the extremes of hate or devotion they seem to attract. I reckon they are overall net positives in our world - even if they have an array of faults.

  • Again you will get little argument from me. Nothing about it is ideal and theres 100 ways I would have liked the world to work better than me stepping up and entering the life of people who were at that time total strangers. But none of those ideals were realistic or likely at the time. It is easy for us to compare the reality to the ideals - and I agree with nearly all you've said having done so. But at the time the reality compared to the ideals were not the choices before me. Rather it was the difference between my entering into action or inaction. So the context of my choices were different to our discussion here.

    I am someone who obsesses over and reevaluates every choice I make - so I can do little but assure you that I do the best I can with what I got and as soon as a better ideal realistically affords itself - I will access it every time. Other than that - as you say - best to leave it at that point but once again your input is genuinely appreciated as is everyone else's.

    Rogan's recent interview with Jason Wilson was very interesting but it is a shame that despite a 3 hour interview I think they did not really cover the ground you and I are covering in this conversation. I would love to find an intereview where Wilson discusses how he evaluated these concerns and the morality of stepping in to engage in action where in action would have been just as viable. I must re-listen though as I kind of speed listened to the interview at 2x speed and I think it genuinely deserves a closer listen.

  • Ian Drury was asked to apologies back in the 70's but he refused and look at it now!!

  • I have never seen anyone using the term grifter for him actually do or say anything to make the term stick. And I am someone who has always been of the opinion that "Calling something X does not magically turn it into X". So to be honest without seeing some adhesive - it is not worth commenting one way or another on the accusation I feel.

    Of course being a qualified psychologist is not mutually exclusive with being a grifter. It is not like it is either/or. I am just not seeing too much to suggest either of them deserve that term.

    As for them being different - yes they are different in multiple ways. But I was commenting on a single similarity I perceive between them. Pointing out a single similarity between X and Y is not to suggest X and Y are the same. They sky is blue and my shopping bag is blue - I do not think my shopping bag is the same as the sky :)

    The point I was making is that for all their faults and weird thinking on many subjects and ideas - they both appear _ to me _ at least to be genuine in their concern for the well being of others. Specifically but not solely the well being of young men. I could spend days sitting with Peterson telling him all the things he has said that I disagree with for example. But when he recently spoke about the effect he hopes his work has on young men - and he literally broke into tears while doing so - I personally believed him to be genuine. And whatever I might disagree with when it comes to anything Blindboy says I get the same feeling there too and other than "Call it X until it magically turns into X" enthusiasts I have not seen anyone coherently argue otherwise to be honest.

    As for the bag - I do not think I could possibly find it less relevant one way or the other. People like to make a thing of it - but I have yet to understand why.

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  • Can I just point out that Blindboy never presents himself as anything other than what he is. He is aware of the perception of him because of the bag and he repeatedly states on his podcast that there are things around mental health that he is in no way qualified to speak on.

    What he does say about mental health is what he is experienced himself, and continues to experience, in relation to it. The empathy and simple language he uses when he talks about mental health probably resonates much more with listeners who have difficulty in this space than the massively generalised overview even someone like Peterson presents. When speaking about mental health, Jordan (and I think he is very highly qualified and capable) can sometimes sound like a fluid dynamics engineer talking about the physics of what is going on within a combustion engine when what most people want to know is why their car won't start or is making a funny noise. I expect that many people have benefitted from hearing Blindboy discuss it as he does whether it is on a dedicated episode, or just in passing on other ones. I've already pointed out on here the support mental health professionals expressed towards Blindboy when someone tried to dismiss him in a newspaper article a couple of months ago. (and as someone with a lot of experience of mental health illness, services, treatments etc, I've never heard him give false or misleading information)

    I'm not suggesting Blindboy should be listened to on mental health policy above suitably qualified people, but he should not be casually dismissed either as a grifter implying that he is spinning some yarn in order to make money. He has never presented himself as anything other than what he is, an entertainer who talks about sh*t in an unusual way.

  • I am generally deeply wary of any judgement of a public personality that is predicated on pretending to know what they think. The moment someone takes that approach - acting like they are some magical mind readers - I usually tune out.

    That said though - having only listened to his podcasts on mental health issues and no interest in any of his others - I have probably only listened to 10% of his podcast material. But of that small proportion the non-mind reading summary above does not describe anything I have listened to. I can think of no "word salad" - I can think of no failure to combine words into a coherent opinion - and I can think of no cases of the condescension or patronisation that is described.

    Not saying that this stuff does not happen in the 90% of stuff I have not listened to of course. How would I know? It just doesn't remotely track with anything I have heard myself. Not even a little. Perhaps you have some good example or citation or quotations or the like to show what it is you mean - with specifics on why you felt it problematic in the ways described?

    As for "lapping it up". I did briefly tune into his Twitch Stream where he makes live music Ad Libbed on the fly. Not something I could do of course - so I was impressed in at least that regard. But the fact remains that while that is mildly impressive he is producing amateur quality music of no real standard. The best I would describe it as is "fun". But his fans in the stream were certainly lapping it up describing it with all kinds of things like "Transcendent" and more while throwing chunks of money at him in the form of tips and subscriptions and more. He clearly does have some "lap anything he does up" following. But sure any moderately successful artist does I guess. So can hardly fault him or any artist for that.

  • This is a strawman argument because it is purely your opinion that he speaks in a particular way to make him sound more intelligent. Also, he doesn't actually use big words, but does try to very descriptive in his language which I find entertaining.

    He's essentially talking about a topic that interests him and giving his insight and experience of it and people have the knives out for him like he's trying to re-write the bible. He literally calls these discussions 'hot takes' which the literal definition of is 'a piece of commentary, typically produced quickly in response to a recent event, whose primary purpose is to attract attention.' He's not trying to do anything other than entertain people.

  • I'm falling behind, I haven't a clue what this cancel woke crack is about

  • there's no such thing, it definitely doesn't exist, especially not on twitter