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Driving Licence Extention and validity

  • 24-08-2021 6:46am
    Registered Users Posts: 4,061 ✭✭✭ whomitconcerns licence was due to expire in September, now due to covid its extended to next July. Which is handy...

    BUT..Im living in the UK at the moment, and I cant seem to get an answer on the licence validity outside of Ireland after September. Has anyone found any info on this anywhere online?

    And yes I am aware I need to get a UK licence when mine expires (as Im resident here now), however, the delays here are same as Ireland, and no licence in hand for 2/3 months is not a preference. Hence if the Irish valididty extention is valid here, makes it a lot easier.


  • Registered Users Posts: 4,756 ✭✭✭ zg3409

    You can call ndls and they send you out a custom letter you can carry with you that says your licence is extended. It may or may not be accepted by the police, but that's the way it is

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    I was under the impression that services are now back in operation and you can and should get a license updated.

    Missus did hers the other day. She had been extended due to covid but received a letter telling her to update recently.

    Maybe she was different as hers had been due much earlier in the pandemic

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    NDLS - ha. I emailed them 3 times about needing a new one as I'll be travelling abroad for work in October and driving; no response at all. Rang out when i rang (twice). Licence showing expiry in May (extn to Dec). Can't do online as don't have the mygov thing (which you can't do online now anyway - chicken and egg) and can't get through to NDLS. Pretty sure I won't be able to rent a vehicle with an 'expired' licence.

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    I saw a quote about HGV drivers and the extension, not sure if here or Reddit ,the licence is still valid across the EU but I can't remember about the UK.

    But since a UK licence is no longer valid for an Irish resident to drive on I'd assume it's reciprocal, you'll need to check with the DVLA if you have a valid licence.