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  • 09-08-2021 1:01am
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    Question for the experts.

    If your house is airtight, should there be draughts of air coming down through the fitted spotlights on the ceiling?

    I have recently moved into my new build home. I was painting a vaulted ceiling at the weekend and when I was up on the ladder masking the spotlights with tape, I felt a cold draught of air coming down through all 4 spots on the ceiling. Is this an easy issue to fix?

    I take it this shouldn't be happening?



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    You are correct, it should not be happening. Clearly a breach in the airtight layer if one exists. Unfortunately achieving the ridiculous backstop figure of 5m3/hr/m2 at 50pa can be done with minimal effort therefore some builders don't aim for better.

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    They are the wrong type of spotlight . You can buy new ones that have a sealed rear and then seal when clipped in. The ones you have have an open hole straight through.

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    I guess it is not impossible you have pockets of cool concrete keeping in cold air there but you will known in the winter anyway.