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Buying a refurbished laptop


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    Pavilion is HP's consumer range and is not built to the same standard as business ones. That said, they are fine for general use.

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    Never bought refurbished one, bought good few secondhand. That's where you'll get value imo. I don't think that shop offers anything I would buy, too expensive.

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    Yeah one thing I noticed about a lot of refurbished laptops is that the price often isn't much less than the price of a new one. Possibly better off buying new for the extra ~€100 and getting a better warranty.

    Do tell where these second hand market places with excellent value are to be found....

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    Got few good deals on Adverts and eBay. Of course no warranty. Secondhand market lol.

    It depends, if you can check running temps, specs and do a bit of research before buying, I consider it safe. And out my own experience, it worked out fine for me. If you prefer to have some warranty with purchase, you'll pay for it.