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State of the site and ongoing issues - Updates

  • 05-08-2021 8:01am
    Administrators, Computer Games Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 30,843 Admin ✭✭✭✭✭ Mickeroo

    I'm going to start this thread to collect announcements from the office as they happen so people can have a bit more visibility of them if they aren't following the discussion threads elsewhere in feedback. I'll copy them here as they happen or Odhran and Niamh can update them here themselves if they get a chance.

    For discussion of the announcements posters can go here:

    You should be able to find previous updates by going to the comments page on Odhran's profile here:

    Latest update from Odhran yesterday evening:

    Hi all

    We have not had a massive amount to update over the past few days as a lot of the work has been in creating PR’s - hence not posting here until we do.

    As I have said from the start we are clearly not happy with how the migration has gone. We are working to resolve all issues as quickly as we can. We have upped our dev resource and are working our way through major issues as quickly as we can. We expect to see better fixes from a discoverability perspective shortly and will keep working through the list.We will continue to update you all as we go.

    Some new updates:

    • We have been writing a module last that will give us control navigation on both desktop and mobile and our PR submitted today. That will allow us to have control over navigation for top nav etc. We might gave an interm solution to roll out ahead of that tomorrow - but we do expect this to be approved in a couple of days.
    • Included in the above is follow functionality on forums and sub forums on both Mobile and Desktop
    • Regional forums are all showing correctly now
    • We have made some improvements to category structures which has improved site speed - please let us know if you are still experiencing speed issues
    • We are in the process of archiving all deleted forums which will again improve speed.
    • Looking at overall design for mobile (particularly homepage view) but conscious of not making any changes there until we fix the broader issues around Navigation / Discoverability
    • Pagination issue missing from the Motors forum and has been fixed now

    I have said several times that we are not happy with the length of time that it is taking to get stuff live. We have resourced up the dev team again and are working on the above. However as I said before we have had to take a differnt approach and are working our way through that now. I hope to have a more robust update before the weekend. Some have asked about an email issue which effected a small number of users - Niamh has posted an update regarding that and did indeed make me aware so I am fully in the loop. I will be writing to the DPC to make them aware of this specific issue later today.

    I appreciate that this has been a frustrating couple of weeks for everyone - us included. We are seeing a bit of light however so please bear with us.

    I would like to thank you all again for your patience.


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  • Employee Posts: 12,171 ✭✭✭✭✭ Niamh Community Manager

    A few small updates today, you may have noticed some of them already as they were done late Friday/over the weekend.

    'Mark all viewed' has been removed from the mobile burger menu

    'Top Forums' link has replaced it on the mobile burger menu

    Max image size has been increased again to 1084px x 1084px to accommodate the Photography forum

  • Employee Posts: 12,171 ✭✭✭✭✭ Niamh Community Manager

    I'm on mobile and I can't see the option to Report a post any more...

    This has been moved to the little 3 dots menu on mobile posts as highlighted below.

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