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Sex-selective abortion.

  • 03-08-2021 3:06pm
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    [QUOTE]An estimated 4.7 million fewer girls are expected to be born globally in the next ten years because of sex-selective practices in countries with a cultural preference for male offspring, a trend that could undermine social cohesion in the long term, research showed.

    The research suggested that the projected shortfall in the number of girls being born will lead to a surplus of young men in around a third of the global population by 2030.

    Sex-selective abortions have been on the rise for the past 40 years in countries throughout southeast Europe along with south and east Asia, with as-yet undetermined demographic impacts.


    Does it not occur to parents who prefer boys over girls that sex-selective abortion means that their sons are, when they reach adulthood, much less likely to find women to get married to and thus mean that the family bloodline will die?