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Does anyone on here have any experience of the new anschutz 1761 .22

  • 19-07-2021 6:08pm
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    I have bought one of these and very disappointed as it is very hard to load. Have tried a range of ammo fired about 200 rounds and it still requires a hard push to get the bolt handle far enough forward to close😖😖😖

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    Not sure if you got sorted but have you tried the Shooting forum.

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    Don’t have experience with the 1761 but I do have a 40 year old Match 54. Anschutz make superb firearms and if properly looked after it will last a lifetime.

    Regarding the stiff bolt, some Anschutz have match chambers (tighter than other manufactures), and not all ammo is exactly the same size, dimensions vary slightly depending on manufacture. Mine has a match chamber and with CCI it is extremely hard to close the bolt.

    Firearms take time to bed in accuracy wise and bolt wise, 200 rounds is not a lot, it could take 500/600 rounds. The bolt face should always be clean and never oiled when firing, some good quality grease or lube may be lightly applied to the bolt sides and to the locking lugs/cams. Over time and with use the bolt action will become easier.

    Hope this helps.

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    Is that down to headspacing at the rim or at the other end, i.e. Stingers aren't supposed to be used in match chambers for example due to length?

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    I have a 1761 and it's excellent, a very precise shooting rifle. I use mainly SK ammo and it loads fine. I haven't actually tried CCI in it but a clubmate who has the same model told me that he tried CCI and it was difficult to close the bolt. What ammo were you using?

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    Old Hand I would try a couple of things out, let us know if you discover any problems along the way, these will help to narrow it down.

    1. to check the chamber I would drop a round from different manufacturers into it just using your fingers not using the bolt, the round should drop freely into the chamber it may stop a mm or 2 short, but you should be able to be pushed in just using your finger pressure. There should be no big issues doing this with match ammo, some cheaper types like CCI will be tight in an Anschutz chamber. I don't shoot CCI at all from my Anschutz. The rounds should be tight enough to remove as the head of the round may be making contact with the lands and groves. So this is to check the chamber if the rounds go in and out easily then its time to look elsewhere. (clean the chamber with a brush before starting this )
    2. to check the bolt, is the bolt cycling smoothly in the gun with out magazine or ammo in the gun. If it is grand no problem there either, if not the action screws or ejector might be catching on it.
    3. Magazine, if every thing else seems ok it could be the magazine or the magazine housing, is the magazine clicking fully home, don't take it for granted that is it, check it, it has to click into the housing and be firm and secure. Have you more than 1 magazine ? if so is it happening with them. If the magazine or mag housing aren't at the right angle the rounds wont feed directly into the chamber and will get caught up making it difficult to feed. Feed some rounds and eject them without firing, are the cases damaged ? if so its the feeding that is the problem.

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