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July 2021 Boards weather forecast contest

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    1. Predict the IMT, mean temperature at five locations in Ireland (Claremorris, Casement, Mullingar, Oak Park, Shannon) for July, 2021. The 1981-2010 "normal" value is 15.3 deg C.

    2. Predict the MAX temperature at any regularly reporting Met-E station as reported in the Monthly Summary (and daily in the "yesterday's weather" section of their website), during July.

    3. Predict the MIN temperature during July (see 2 above for overview).

    4. Predict the PRC (rainfall at this time of year) as a percentage of normal values (1981-2010) at eleven locations, namely Ballyhaise, Cork, Malin Head, Belmullet, Cork, Johnstown Castle, and the five locations for the IMT (section 1 above), during July.

    5. Predict the SUN (sunshine) as a percentage of normal values (1981-2010) at six locations, Belmullet, Casement, Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Valentia, during July.

    6. BONUS ... What will be the maximum temperature in Ireland on Sunday 11th of July, when I am told there may be some people watching a sporting event on television? (I was going to say Heathrow to blend with the theme, but as this is an Irish contest and perhaps some don't care who wins the Euro 2020, we will make it an all-Ireland final, seven points for the temperature guess, three for the location based on 3 for top (and ties), 2 for second highest (and ties) and 1 for any within 1.0 of the top temp. If several tie for top, 2 points for second highest is still on for the lone or tied second highest values.

    Deadline as always 0300h Thurs 1st July, with late penalties thereafter.

    Good luck. Here's my punt with NormaL added ...

    MTC __________ 15.3 _ 27.7 _ 2.8 _ 120 _ 090 ___ 21.5 Oak Park

    NormaL _______ 15.3 _ 27.5 _ 3.5 _ 100 _ 100 ___ 22.0 loc'n by climatology



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