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Vaccine effectiveness antibody test

  • 08-06-2021 12:03am
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    I have a family member who falls into the immunosuppressed category and wants to get an antibody test once fully vaccinated. I know that antibodies are only one part of measuring the vaccine, but waned to know if anybody has taken these type of tests and how are they reported?


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    I had an antibodies test last week. It's a blood test. They measure the antibodies in units per ml. The readable range is from 4 u/ml to 2500 u/ml. Mine was 2500. The higher the better. I've had covid and a first vaccine shot, so I was expecting it to be high.

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    When you want to do an antibody test to determine the effectiveness of the vaccination, it's important to tell the lab that this is your intention.

    After a Coronavirus infection, there are antibodies against the spike protein, and antibodies against the nucleocapsid.

    After a Coronavirus vaccination, there are antibodies against the spike protein.

    Meaning, if a lab does an antibody test for the nucleocapsid, it may come out negative, even if the vaccination successfully produced antibodies.

    Source link (German).