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Road to sub 3:25 and beyond... ?!



  • Monday 14th June

    3km Wu
    6 x 10-20s sprints
    3km Cd


    - 3km Wu
    - 4(800 ,400, 200m @<4min/km pace) w/ 75s off each and 3 Min between sets
    - CD

    Managed the Wu and 1 set - I think I went far too quick and ended up with a niggle around the ankle/calf area. Walked home to be safe.


    Calf strap on and felt much better after a good night sleep.

    10km - 53:xx


    3.5kmish WU
    10km 48:xx
    1.5km-ish CD

    Club run this evening, stayed in with the middle group.


    19 x 1km laps at a fairly steady 4:55-5:10ish throughout. Leg felt good, no issues

    59.5km for the week

    So the leg is at me after today's run, called it quits early with a niggle. Looking to get into physio this week just for a service - it'll probably be walks, S&C , stretches or maybe a very very light jog depending how I am. The main thing is to not let it get worse.

  • Finally able to post after the Boards update!

    Bit of a mad couple of weeks week an injury and holidays but here's how it went!:


    Monday 21st June

    2.9km - Calf niggle came up during the warm-up so left the session


    20mins short S&C

    6.5km walk


    5km @ 5:10/km avg


    6km @ 5min pace

    2km walk


    40km Cycle


    5.25km @ 5:05/km avg

    Milage and intensity kept low this week due to the niggle. Physio booked in for the next week


    Monday 28th June

    Physio session: slight damage on the tendon near the tibia. 

    No speed sessions for 1+ week - take it easy & play it by ear. Run when comfortable & report back.


    5km (Grass) @ 4:49/km avg

    1.5km walk/swim


    25mins S&C

    4km walk


    10km @ 5:10/km avg- starting to feel back to normal but with redcued fitness levels. Was very humid and had a jacket on, stupid decision.


    Monday 5th July - Holiday week Mon - Fri

    3km WU

    6 x 10s Hill Sprints, walk down recovery

    3km CD

    Nice to have a session away in a new spot - down in Valentia Island, Kenmare & Youghal for the week.


    3km wu

    5 x 100m on/off

    3km cd


    6.3km @ 4:44/km avg


    Missed Thursday's session as I was traveling but managed over 10km walking.


    6km @ 4:44/km avg. Legs feeling good.

    6 hours driving today in total!

    Saturday 10th July

    Was aiming to get out for a 22/23km easy run.

    Struggled from the start, with really heavy breathing and rhythm all over the place. Got sick just after 4km so I called it. Did some light 200m on/off on the way back - A bit too much food and drink on the holidays during the week I think

  • 1 month since an update - partially due to Boards sh!tting itself!!

    Tipping away nicely now and into the 20 mile runs the last 2 weekends. Signed up for the Ratoath Half Marathon on September 11th so hoping for a PB (sub 90) if I can get myself back to how I was running earlier this year.

    No update on Galway Full 2nd October from the organisers but I'm keeping the head down and will run (another) virtual if it comes to it.

    Will get back to weekly / biweekly reports from next week

  • Hope your marathon gets the go ahead 👍3 weeks might be a little short on recovery time for Galway if you're planning a PB half marathon effort in Ratoath.

  • Thanks for the follow, some impressive running there J!!!

    Yeah I agree it's a bit short but the coach gave me the push and seems to think it's ok, I'll blame him :D

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