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Looking for advice about Bad running habits



  • Anyway, good stuff. Don’t worry about the running being bad for you in the long term. It’s not.

  • Sorry third of a large chicken fillet. Not breast.
    christ I leave more than that out for the birds if we get a hard frost.

  • Average man needs 2600 to maintain weight. My run is burning 19% of that. Would seem significant. I haven’t a clue what I’m intaking.

    My diet in a normal day would be a sugary cereal (poor start that I need to fix, I don’t like muesli or porridge), then lunch might be butternut squash soup with white or brown bread or it might be less such as a quarter of a honeydew melon and a banana smoothie with oat milk, a pour of a strawberry yop, some plain yoghurt and a pour of oats.

    Dinner lately is a third of a large chicken breast wrapped in bacon and cheese with a large portion of vegetables mixed with a boil bag of kasza, sundried tomato, botlotti beans.

    Small chocolate bar usually at night.

    christ I leave more than that out for the birds if we get a hard frost.

  • ultrapercy wrote: »
    christ I leave more than that out for the birds if we get a hard frost.

    Yeah, it’s a 11 year old boys portion. Although I live in a country which has larger chicken fillets than Ireland. Artificially increased I presume. It’s in the EU so it should be the same food safety standards. I should really find out why the fillets are larger here.

  • Trampas wrote: »
    Bad back from running. I’d doubt it. Bad posture from sitting can give people bad backs.
    I'm not medical, but I think this is often the case. It's the prolonged sitting (desk/sofa/driving) that causes the issues over the medium to long term but then it is the running that exposes that weakness in the "hips/back/knees/ankles/hamstring/...".

    So the "I never had a problem until I started running" is both true and false, as is advice that "the problem may go away if you stop running" advice. (In the sense that I never knew I was building up a problem and I can continue to ignore it for longer)

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