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Crewsaver Crewfit - 165N Auto - Re-Arm Kit Question?

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    Hi all,

    Hope this isn't the incorrect forum for this question - I'm new to this topic so any input appreciated. I bought the following lifejacket at the beginning of the summer last year:
    • 2020 Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Automatic Harness Lifejacket 9715BA

    It has been in storage since the end of the summer (never having being fired/activated) and I was planning on buying a re-arm kit for it for this year. Only issue is, I can't seem to locate one for this model - even on the Crewsaver Site it only seems to list kits for 150N, 190N or 290N models and I'm not not sure if I could/should be using one of these instead.

    Anybody have any insight as to the best thing to do here?



  • Any chandlery will have re-arming kits, if you bring your lifejacket in they'll be able to identify the type - or post a picture of it here and we might be able to help.

    There are only a few types, I don't think the newton number matters in terms of the firing mechanism. If you're buying a new gas bottle as part of your spare kit, make sure it's the same size, there are two - 33g and 38g, it's stamped on the bottle.

    Here's a very useful article about maintenance and servicing of lifejackets, and it includes info on firing mechanisms