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Need Help with License Renewal and Club Membership

  • 08-02-2021 12:26am
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    I'm in a bit of a pickle here:

    My renewal is due in a few months but I've a lot to sort out and change: I've had to change shooting club because their range is no longer able to facilitate rifles and I'd rather be a member of a place that can. So currently I am not a member of any club...

    But with the current restrictions everything is closed so I haven't been able to visit any ranges/clubs and become a member. I'd imagine also no clubs/ranges would be interested in allowing someone to join without sussing them first. The other issue is even choosing one, because the 5km restrictions could be with us for months...

    So what can I do for my renewal? Am I better off just renewing with my original club?

    Also because the conditions of my license has changed, do I need to reapply completely or hand in the renewal form?

    Also applied and got an S on my original application for vermin control. I no longer need it for that, but would like to keep the S on account of my tinnitus. Would that be considered a valid reason?



  • Registered Users Posts: 463 ✭✭badaj0z

    You could contact the clubs near you and start the application process. Look at their web sites or FB pages to see is there a potential match. Contact them on line. See how they respond. Once they reopen, go and see the facilities and people as soon as you can. Most of the people who join the club I am in follow this process.

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    I'd agree with badaj0z.

    Phone a range that you are considering joining and see what they say. If you were a bona fide member of another range I can't see them having any problem letting you join. Worst case scenario they can ring your old range and ask them what you are like.

    You won't be able to visit the range until lockdown is over but that's the same for range members. I haven't been to my club in over 2 months.

    On the topic of the moderator, are you sure you won't be doing vermin control at any time in the next three years? If you are, then you'll need to keep the moderator for that reason.

    I don't know if tinnitus would be accepted by the Super as a reason for having a moderator because you can wear hearing protection to alleviate that problem. It may or may not be accepted.

    My advice is that you already have permission for a moderator for vermin control so I'd use this as your reason for keeping it. There's no set amount of times you have to shoot vermin so even if you did it only once in your three years, it's a valid reason.

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 28,211 Mod ✭✭✭✭Cass

    Even if restrictions are lessened on the 5th of March it'll go, at best, to level three meaning most of the restrictions will be there in terms of ability to travel outside your county, etc.

    Here is my advice and i only recommend this given the unique and unpresented circumstances we find ourselves in. Renew as normal. Change nothing as you're not in a position to change anything. Renew with things as they are including the suppressor. I'd treat the renewal as something "stuck in time". Lockdown prevents change so you renew without change.

    For me this would not be the best option. You're not lying you're simply not in a position to amend your circumstances so that the application can be changed. If your FO calls you about any of it you can explain that with the lockdown and the the timing of the renewal your two choices were not to renew or to wait until the the renewal had expired after lockdown.
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    Do they look for proof of membership with renewals? I only ask because it hasn't happened me and there have been a few different FOs over the years.

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    I will agree with Cass on this, I have just renewed on one of my stalking rifles, no bother.
    Think about it, I live in North Dublin suburbs, all my permissions and most importantly the one I use for this particular rifle are at any one time beyond any Covid travel restrictions, sure recreational stalking is a no, no under lock down. Having said that my renewal has gone through with out a hitch and the grant form is sitting on my desk ready for the post office.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but target shooting/ attending a range during Covid lock down won't be considered acceptable even if the range is across the road from your house, so not using / attending / membership renewal is not an issue at the moment. I believe clubs are not doing buisness, membership wise, as they do not want to have do refunds. Coilte has already issued a statement as to extending leases due to the lock down, so getting around refund issues.
    I think the Gaurds will indeed accept this as very unusual circumstances and give individuals leeway

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    I've had 2 renewals in the last couple of months. First one I had a call from the FO to send on photo of my current club membership card. Second one I just included a membership card photo.

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    Thanks for the advice lads, appreciate it.

    I'll try contacting ranges/clubs and see what they say, otherwise I'll apply as normal as you lads said. I haven't and won't be doing any more vermin control, I no longer have the opportunity do so.

    In regards to tinnitus, I get that hearing protection should do the job especially in the eyes of the FO or whomever, but even with hearing protection it only reduces the dB by a certain amount, and not always enough to prevent hearing damage depending on what's being shot. I guess I'll apply for one for this reason, and if it's rejected then at least I tried and I'll just get rid of it.

    If I get a renewal with my old club listed, is it straight forward to change this on my license once I am able to join a new one?