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Options for returning to Ireland

  • 19-01-2021 11:31pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 624 arccosh

    if the situation arose where you needed to get back, what are the options for isolation?

    are there hotels who will take "fresh" from outside of Ireland customers?

    curious to hear what the options are...

    the "ah sure it'll be grand" option is off the table....


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    Hotels are currently only taking bookings for essential staff only. You could ring the HSE helpline to find out if there is anything available or check with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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    I know of hotels around the airport that were taking people for the purpose of isolation. I had a client who had relocated to Ireland last year and was isolating in hotel. He had to sign an agreement to say he wouldn't leave his room. (He wasn't allowed out for exercise) It sounded miserable but he did it.

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    The City West Hotel was a quarantine centre earlier in the year but not sure now.

    I returned from Malaysia in November. I am lucky that my parents house could facilitate my separation for quarantining but had looked into alternatives including renting an apartment Airbnb style.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yeah, the air bnb seems to be the best course, but will need to enquire with the owners first.... thanks for the hotel suggestions too !