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Solar powered LED street lights.

  • 18-01-2021 8:37pm
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    Anyone have these installed?

    Are they a gimmick? Seem too simple to be true or would you be better to have a large solar panel and tractor battery and power your light that way?

    These are bringing back the horrors of those little integrated garden solar lights that last if you're lucky one year.



  • Registered Users Posts: 3,343 ✭✭✭ Limestone Cowboy

    I got a solar floodlight from Connacht agri a few weeks ago. Working away so far anyway.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    I think they should be better than those garden lights which have the smallest cheapest PV cells available. But what are you looking For? I'd say they are fine for lighting up a walk way most only give minimal light until PIR is activated, but the separate solar panel and battery are a good option if you want to light up a larger area for longer.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    emaherx wrote: »
    I think they should be better than those garden lights which have the smallest cheapest PV cells available. But what are you looking For? I'd say they are fine for lighting up a walk way most only give minimal light until PIR is activated, but the separate solar panel and battery are a good option if you want to light up a larger area for longer.

    I think I just want a trouble free light that can be independent of the esb and generator if needed.
    A few years ago there was no such option and the solar powered light was always the running joke.
    But something tells me keeping the solar panel and light separate allows for one to fail without affecting the other but if it's combined like these are the whole unit is fecked.
    Just trying to get people's experience of these yet since they seem to be on the market now for a few years now.

    The thought of just bolting it to a pole or shed and being done with it appeals to my caveman side.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    Definitely simplicity of installation and the price is quite appealing. I could think of a few spots at home that could do with some additional lighting, most Sheds here have ESB but could do with lighting up path between yard and my Mams house, not having to run overhead cables or dig trenches would be great. But if I were to consider lighting an area for working under with solar then I think I'd still go for separate panel battery and light units.

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  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 46 ✭✭✭ vurstflavor

    I see a lot on aliexpress
    They should work but no sun in winter or north facing

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    You know how I get an idea and eventually get around to it. And then you google the subject and a thread pops up.

    Up a few days now. Looks OK.

    Have it up where the milk lorry backs in to position.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    Looks good.

    Happy with the light?

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,424 ✭✭✭ funkey_monkey

    I could do with that at a remote shed to get it open.

    What way have you it facing? Give us an update when the darker winter nights come along.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    That particular one at dusk goes onto a dim light for 5 hours after dusk and if anyone walks nearby the sensor switches to full power for 20 seconds I think. It's on the website I think anyway. After the five hours (didn't time yet) it switches off but will still come on full light if the sensor is activated for the 20 seconds or so till next daylight. I think there's 5 days charge in the battery charged over 5 hours.

    The dim I would say it's two and half times the strength of full moon. Full moon last night so I looked. So it's not going to trouble any neighbours with light pollution. Looks a very robust model. Full light is bright but it will switch off after 20 seconds. I have their other solar light the little box integrated unit too. Now there's lots of light off that one. Like a floodlight. The standby light is very bright and the full is 1000 lumens if ye have an idea. There's two movement sensors on that one and it's more responsive. But it is a very strong light. Could say blarey. Well built too.

    Two different lights. Two kind of different uses. The street light pictured the panel is kind of facing northwest into the shed. But the tilt angle allowed is not very much so it's nearly horizontal anyway. No problem getting sunshine.

    Happy enough so far with both lights.

    So much that I've gone and ordered indoor shed lights with wired panels from looking on the Web yesterday. These will be a different led light set up by remote control. On/off, dim settings, lighting adjustable, can be turned on in daylight. Could be a fool and money but took the chance. No electrician required.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    Thanks, that was a fairly detailed review. I might have a use for a few of these.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    Another variation. Dusk to Dawn. Change the colour of light. 3hour, 6 hour and 9 hour choice of after dusk lighting time. Change the output of light. On/off facility. Remote control operated. Only lights when dark or disconnected from panel. No movement sensors on this one. Extension cables came with the set from the panel to lights but didn't use them. Supposed 2 year warranty.

    Only just erected today. Will have to switch off when dark as not enough length of day up today to charge the batteries. Sounds like all bells and whistles. We'll see..

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    I'm after toying around with these now enough this evening to know about them.

    There's three light colours, white, halfway mixture, orange. Output is 300 lumens per light. That wasn't mentioned on the site, Amazon job. The colour kelvin was mentioned 3000 - (6500 I think?) Two light output modes 50% and 100%. The remote works from nearly 70ft away, maybe more, yard doesn't allow further with line of sight.

    It's a light.

  • Registered Users Posts: 644 ✭✭✭ Sugarbowl

    How is this light going for you Say my name?

    how would you compare it light wise to an LED yard light? Is it similar to a 50w or 100w for instance?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    I have the daddy of solar lights bought now but not put up yet. I've others then to go inside the sheds.

    I better get cracking. If you saw the new lights put up on farming life at la forge (YouTube channel) the indoor shed lights are the same except wired to a panel.

    The ones I've up I've set on for three hours after dark and then the sensor lights do their own thing. I'm happy enough. You put them up and forget about them. They'll do their own thing.

    The lights so far wouldn't compare to a 50 or 100 watt but then there's a massive difference in 50 watt led and 50 watt incandescent. You have to rate them by lumens and then the colour of the light 3000k (orange) to 6500k (the centre of the sun).

    Better get moving..😏

    ..The sensor lights are as good as a normal led yard light...

    Really the life of them is two or three years (that's the usual warranty) but obviously I can't say for certain. One's that came from the US made in China. One's that came from Spain made in China.

    See some specs of solar lights with a ten year lifespan. But made in Europe, only available in large orders to retailers or utilities and no online shopping presence to joe blogg and you'll pay more obviously.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    I have that 200 watt light above now working. It is the best one lightwise I have yet. Said it on the box anyway.😆

    It's really the only one you'd compare with a mains light.

    It took two days of charging up before it would light. There's a red light flashes on the light as it's charging from the panel. Then today that red flashing light turned a constant green. And only then would it turn on from the remote. It turned on in the daylight too. Not many do that.

    You'd think it was bright and it is but I have a mains led light facing towards it on the opposite side of the yard. Could be a 30 or 40 watt light and I could see my shadow from that on the solar light side. Panel is flimsy or the legs it's on are flimsy. Will need to weld supports beside to strengthen.

    Anyway best one yet comparable to a bright mains light.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    Just an interesting thing on the above floodlight.

    Yesterday it was flashing red still charging up till lighting time. Today with the change in weather it was fully charged before 12.30.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    This is my brothers solar lighting setup for his stables.

    It's basically a 100W panel, old tractor battery, standard 240V bulkheads, wiring and switches but the bulbs are replaced with marine ES bulbs. Also cheap PIR solar light just to light the path up to the light switches.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    @emaherx Could that 12volt system be run on an automated dusk (when panels stop producing) and on a set time of lighting before switching off?

    I hear elsewhere 24volt is more efficient with much the same lighting able to handle it. And obviously a 24v battery is dearer than 12v. But the lighting between 12 and 24 is the same price. 12 or 24volt television next. 😅

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    I'm sure a 24V system is more efficient, but as its only a few lights used for a few minuets per day and an electric fence unit, the 12V second hand tractor battery that was no longer fit to reliably start a tractor through the winter is more than enough and and environmentally friendly option to get a bit more use out of it before sending to scrap. A good battery would easily run the lights for several hours, probably the whole night on a single charge, 100AH battery and less than an Amp per light.

    Between us we now have 4 of these panels around the farm running lights, electric fences and water pumps. 3 of the setups run Raspberry pi zero's or Arduino's 24/7 for monitoring and various automations. So I'd say yes you could easily setup any variation of light automation you like either using microcontrollers or just simple dusk switch and timer.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    Indoor lights got wired up today. Little panels on the roof.

    There's more work in making brackets for the panels than putting them up.

    Have no verdict either ways yet. Bar each light is supposed to be 1000 lumens. And two lights work off one panel.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    Turned them on and I'm pleased enough.

    It's a soft light. And I can turn them on and off when needed. Option is there for them to stay on all night and turn themselves off in morning but if you were doing that you'd want to turn down the brightness which that option is there. Ir sensor option which I won't be using as it's a cattle shed. If there's a downside you do nearly have to walk underneath each light with the remote to turn on when needed. But it's a high roof ( 16ft to those timbers).

    They'd suit a dwelling house. Option in case electricity went.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    Had you no lighting at all in the yard until this solar lighting project?

    Friends of mine with no power at or near the yard had a shed built with a grant years ago, part of the grant spec was the shed needed to be wired with an adequate number of lights, which the initially laughed at initially because getting power in wasn't actually a requirement. Eventually they got a decent sized 3 phase generator to run a lath and other workshop tools and connected up the grant shed too, it was one of the first places I seen someone use solar lighting, was a basic 30W panel car battery and 2 tractor spotlights, just enough light to get into workshop and start generator.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name

    I did two sheds there today. Four lights two panels. I had no lighting in one shed.

    The lighting in the yard already I'd consider spartan. Bit of a prepper in me doing this and the cost is really just the same as a mains light.

    The outside ones though I like the fact they come on and go off themselves.

    There'll probably be some goof on some other forum giving out about a farmer having lights on in a climate emergency. 😄 No I'm getting a kick out of the different types now. It's amazing now with lithium batteries combined with led lights.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    Same problem here, I've some lights in all sheds but they are somewhat lacking in most.

    I need to improve lighting, but the issue here is I took over running the farm in 2018, electricity in yard is fed from my mothers house so I'm reluctant to add more to her ESB bill (even though I do contribute). I've 2 100W panels with good 100Ah deep cycle batteries running the water pumps that will come in from the fields when the cattle do, so I'm tempted to use them in the winter months for additional lighting.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,332 ✭✭✭ kevthegaff

    Do they save much money if their just coming on via sensor(short intervals). I'm interested in installing a few

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,187 ✭✭✭ emaherx

    Probably not compared to 1 or 2 led sensor lights as they use such little power. Convenience of installation without needing to run long lengths of cabling and extra emergency lighting for power cuts might make them appealing to some. You'd probably need to be replacing a lot of lighting with solar to see savings and even then you'd probably be loosing light unless you are installing a proper solar panel system to drive equivalent lighting.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,485 ✭✭✭ SouthWesterly

    Where did you get the avant 200 w and the indoor lights from?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 8,554 ✭✭✭ Say my name


    It's Chinese made. But they all are now. Supposed to be a warranty of 5 years on the light and 3 on the panel. It's a light panel. But it's doing it's job.

    Big difference between panels and frames from the different makers.

    (Oh and you'll be plagued with ads from factorled now)..