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Brexit discussion thread XIV (Please read OP before posting)



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    It is interesting how quiet it's gotten regarding Brexit, it's almost like they'd rather forget.

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    The pro-Brexit media in the UK especially has gone really quiet over it. There just aren't any good news stories to report. Brexit isn't bringing the sunlit uplands. Just a slow and steady decline like the one that brought the UK into the "Common Market". Thank God their economy was in a heap back then otherwise we would never have joined either. Best thing that ever happened to Ireland was aligning itself to the economies of Europe beyond Britain.

    I think Brexit will be de facto if not de jure stone dead before I am. The UK will rejoin in all but name, being a rule taker for many years until the rest of the EU is satisfied it has grown up enough not to throw a big tantrum again. This will require major political reform within the UK and the introduction of PR in some shape or form to get the extremism under control (not get rid of it because there will always be a minority who vote UKIP, AfD, FN etc. but they should only get as much representation as their vote base dictates. They should never be able to infiltrate a centre right or left party and dictate their extreme views to the rest of us and FPTP is what caused that in the UK).

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    There’s a new storm brewing in the background, long-announced, but (seemingly) actively suppressed in the British media:

    One of the replies in the thread (or another thread linked to it via a reply) has screenshots of current average transit times (from arrival at departing port, to departure from landing port) showing a minimum of 40 hours between Rotterdam and Felixstowe, and 52 hours on others.

    /EDIT: here, in replies to Fiona


    That’s yesterday’s data, and “ciaran the courrier” has been chronicling exactly that in semi-realtime on Twitter since 1/1/22: it’s looking like a permanent state of affairs.

    Now roll on 1/7/22 and phyto/SPS checks…

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    Almost 90% of global financial services investors are planning to establish or expand operations in the UK in 2022, according to EY’s latest UK attractiveness survey, representing the highest level of confidence since EY started attractiveness analysis*.

    Sentiment around planned investment into UK financial services has risen significantly in recent months, increasing from 50% in last spring’s survey and picking up considerably on the low of 11% recorded in 2019 before the onset of the pandemic.

    UK banks have never been looking to hire this many staff, with vacancies in the sector skyrocketing 129 per cent over the last year, according to research carried out by City recruiter Morgan McKinley and Vacancysoft.

    The City’s banking sector jobs boom has been driven by Wall Street banking giants, indicating London’s deep and highly skilled talent pool is continuing to attract the world’s top lenders after Brexit.

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    Construction professionals are finally able to get a decent wage in the uk. First time since the mid 90s.

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    Isn't it logical that vacancies are shooting when they've just imposed immigration barriers to the EU talent pool?

    One thing is for sure the city knows how to shine a turd.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,143 ✭✭✭ landofthetree

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    Any idea where they get the 100k number from. I don't remember anybody stating that number for London.

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    And evert weeks or two the city releases blurbs about record breaking unicorn startups etc... London is as wobbly as a theatre set.

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    In fairness they probably They do need to hire some people to count the trillions of dollars of assets that have left the City since brexit became a reality

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    A fact that has absolutely nothing to do with brexit. Those rail links were built while the UK was prospering inside the EU

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    Where are you seeing loads of jobs have been lost due to Brexit? It certainly isn't a net loss anyway. If it was, we'd have heard more about spiking unemployment. But we don't.

    Yes, some companies and some industries may be impacted but as a whole, things are pretty much going the UK's way. You really have to ask yourself why such high profile investment is planned or remaining in the UK despite the supposed barriers caused by Brexit. Perhaps the UK is not such a bad place for big business and their futures after all and they know it.

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    With fewer workers and (presumably) higher pay on offer, expect inflation to follow along. The money printing by the BofE for Covid relief wasn't free, either.

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    but in fairness this is quite a messy subject right now , or in other words eu inflation on average is just 0.1 percent lower.

    your point may well be true but i think we can already see that spain will suffer way more from covid than the uk.

    not everything is brexit related.

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    There's a new BBC short series about that.

    Note : Billionaires got massively richer during the pandemic. A windfall tax on their and corporate extra gains could have paid for a lot of the measures that people will paying off and working longer to pay off. On that basis many politicians have failed worldwide.

    I'm not expecting a revolution but expect more dissatisfied punters looking for change. However, I can't see Labour capitalising on it.

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    Pandemic and chip shortage in the short term. But that's on top of lower investment because of Brexit uncertainty. And Brexit costs for paperwork and other tariff barriers. Most UK car output is generic exports that are sensitive to price. Most cars on UK roads are imported.

    All going well they expect to make 20% more vehicles next year to just over one million vehicles.

    5 years ago they were making 1.7m vehicles a year.

    Once upon a time the difference between a Bentley and a Rolls Royce was the hood ornament. Now it's which German car maker bought the brand (BMW - RR. Just like the Mini) or took over the factory and workforce (VW - Bentley)

    Without that investment the factory and jobs would be gone. But these aren't people's cars. They are for the rich.

    Oh and all those lovely service industry jobs ? The UK needs to be careful. It would be very easy to sacrifice low paid UK remote working jobs to even lower paid Indian jobs so be able to export goods and services at the higher end.

    All could be looked at as a two tier UK and the outlook for those on the bottom step isn't looking good.

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    Obviously, most voters have their own ideas and reasons for voting the way they did. Many voted to keep the Poles out, others to prevent Turks being able to live in the UK as EU citizens, and many other ideas floated by the Leave campaign.

    These voters did not fund the Leave campaign, but those that did fund it, and drove the campaign had deeper reasons - reasons seated in protecting their funny money, and hidden assets.

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    Boris was name dropping Brexit a lot in his defense today against partygate in the commons. So it's not surprise that a long side the report of what a naughty little sh*tstain he's been in number 10 they've dropped an official "BENEFITS OF BREXIT" report from the government

    Not surprising a fair few of them either have not in effect until 2025 or later attached to them (border control being a hilarious highlight) we have a few eye rolling pointless ones (the crown back on the pint) and of course the ones that have nothing to do with Brexit but the Uk insists it was (UK covid response). Personal laugh moment is the UK proudly announcing it's a dialogue partner to ASEAN the first in 25 years. Which just highlights that the EU has been a dialogue partner for those 25 years.