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Inflatable Tender Dinghy Recomendations


  • Forget any canoe or similar. For safety’s sake I’d do without lots to buy a decent inflatable. Look at the stats – most boating/sailing accidents happen between shore and boat. Also, 80% of males drowned annually are aged over 30.

    I have an Avon Rover (280?) that is 30-odd years old and still in great condition. It has a slatted floor, sometimes the slats get bunched together in the stern, which leaves the forward area 'soft'. A drawback to a slatted floor is on returning to your mooring/dinghy after heavy rain you will get your feet wet while bailing out. Another is that it is impossible to keep a course when rowing in a breeze. A friend has a Noahyacht inflatable he imported from China that has a false floor above a vee air floor and he is very pleased with it.

    Ultraviolet light and bad storage are the main causes of damage; look after it and it will look after you.
    What yacht did you end up with?

  • Inflating and hauling in and out of car can be a bit of a dose if that’s the idea. Fills most car boots.

    Most seem to keep a small rigid row boat on the shoreline upside down. Secured with chain and lock to a tree, lump of concrete or something. Then just bring the oars/paddles home.