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Sawducks Movie Walrus - World Premiere



  • In first place with 11 points is

    City of God

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: Yes
    Overall score: 9.4
    This film was a clear winner this round. I absolutely love this film i have it on dvd and have seen it many times even though it can be pretty brutal. The film is set in the slums Rio de Janeiro and follows a boy named Rocket as he grows from young kid to teen to young adult. He has dreams of escaping life in the slums and becoming a professional photographer. He narrates the story and introduces characters he knew growing up, including the tender trio and a kid named Li'l Dice who is sadistic, these four plan a robbery which goes horribly and the aftermath puts all their lives in danger. As he grows up Li'l Dice becomes the most powerful drug dealer in the slums and eventually clashes with pretty much everyone due to his erratic behaviour. Rocket gets caught up in the middle of the gang wars and fears for his life. This was the first ever foreign film i watched and it opened my eyes that foreign language films are brilliant, if you have never seen this i highly recommend it.
    My favourite thing about this movie: Everything! Seriously it's so damn good.

  • I'll have the table up shortly with the help of Purgative, and we have a new leader at the top

  • Ah yes great movie need to watch it again

  • Thanks Sawduck that interesting and I picked up a couple of films to add to my watchlist.

    Well done ShaneU good pick.

    Delighted not to come last. Never that bothered about winning, mid table obscurity suits me grand - I think a teacher said that to me more than once :o.

    On the Cruel Sea, I think the angst over the men in the water is a bit over played and firing the depth charges was an SOP, from other books I've read. The bits that fascinated me were more mundane things. Denholm Elliott's wife having an affair; the Irish engineering officer who's fiance is killed. So much so that when the ship is torpedoed, they both think "Feck it, what's the point" and drown.

    Looking forward ti round 4.

    Necro | 10 | 5 | 10 | | 25 |
    Irish Aris | 6 | 11 | 6 | | 23 |
    Spook ie |5|10|8 | |23|
    Purple Tin| 9 | 9 | 3 | | 21|
    JP Liz V1|8|3|2||13|

    Necro takes over at the top, with Shane shooting up the leader board after winning round 3, Aris and spookie are joint third. At the other end kolido is still last but he is catching up to both Liz and Reberetta. With one round left to go anything can happen

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  • I've been meaning to see that City Of God since it came out, heard great things about it.
    Ah it was nice being in first place, if only briefly. Now I will be drawn back to my natural orbit: the bottom third ;)

  • Cheers to Purgative for helping with the table, it looks so much better than the mess i originally had

  • I've been meaning to see that City Of God since it came out, heard great things about it.

    It's a brilliant movie i recommend you watch it immediately :D

  • Amazing films this round especially cult classic Mortal Kombat

  • Just catching up on this now.

    Great round, can't argue with City Of God taking the top spot, a phenomenal film

    Glad to see Strangers On A Train did well in such a stacked round, not given as much praise as some of Hitchcock's others films, but like Sawduck, it's up there with Rear Window and Psycho for me.

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  • Rear Window is my personal favourite too. I watch it everytime it comes on the telly; which is often! :D

  • Dial m for murder is my fav hitchcock movie and is in my top 10 movies of all time.

    Rope is also great and one you dont hear of much.

    City of god has been on my watchlist for forever, good call shane,

    that was a stacked round indeed.

    Great reveal sawduck

  • The final round of movies have all been watched and i plan on revealing the final scores next week, hopefully Monday. It's incredibly close at the top and so many people still have a chance at winning. Who will walk away with the gold? Find out next week.

  • The final round will commence at 9pm tomorrow night, in the meantime here are a few movies that would have scored high in this round

  • Ah, Pleasantville!!
    That was such a. . . pleasant film, and if I'm honest I didn't expect much but it really surprised me. And the cinematpgraphy was absolutely brilliant!!

  • Irish Aris wrote: »
    Ah, Pleasantville!!
    That was such a. . . pleasant film, and if I'm honest I didn't expect much but it really surprised me. And the cinematpgraphy was absolutely brilliant!!

    I definitely entered it into a movie walrus at some point. Probably Necro's. Any day now....

  • Alright ready to go! I enjoyed everyone's movie picks for this final round. I will start in mid table before focusing on those battling for the Golden Raspberry Wooden spoon at the bottom of the table before finally turning our attention to the top of the overall leaderboard, where five competitors are still tussling for victory. There was also a duplicate this round.

  • Chapter one
    Once upon a time in mid table mediocrity

  • In 6th place with 6 points is
    Also Starring LeVar Burton

    The Peanut Butter Falcon

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: Yes
    Overall score 7.7
    This is a delightful movie, it's about a young man named zak who has down syndrome and dreams of becoming a wrestler. After escaping from his care home he hides out on a boat owned by tyler(played by the somewhat strange Shia LaBeouf). Tyler has problems of his own, he clashes with some other fishermen and ends up destroying their equipment which leads to him having to go on the run. After a rocky start, tyler takes zak under his wing and even decides to bring him to his wresting hero the Saltwater Redneck. A caretaker from zaks care home tracks them down and the trio become friendly with one another, she ends up risking her career just so zak can live his dream. A great movie that will leave you laughing, crying and cheering for the characters.
    My favourite thing about this movie: Zak, a fantastic character played brilliantly by new comer Zack Gottsagen

  • In 5th place with 7 points is

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: No
    Overall score 7.9
    An 80's classic that i somehow have never seen. This stars Jenifer Grey as Frances "Baby" Houseman, a young woman staying at a holiday resort with her parents and sister. She meets a dancer Johnny Castle (played by Patrick Swayze) who works at the resort and falls for him. After Johnnys dance partner announces she is pregnant just before a big dance party, baby steps up to fill in that role of his dance partner much to the annoyance of Johnny. However, after practising their dance routine the two bond and develop feelings for one another. They struggle with one particular part of the dance, in which Johnny lifts baby up into the air. Apparently behind the scenes the two main actors didn't get along, Swayze would often get annoyed with Jenifer Grey. This movie is also famous for its incredible soundtrack and there are some many classic tunes here. Really enjoyable movie that i probably should have watched years ago.
    My favourite thing about this movie: Probably the songs, so many great ones.

    This sees kolido shoot up the table with 18 points overall, but he can still finish last

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  • Chapter 2
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Wooden spoon

    With kolido now on 18 points he needs either Reberetta or liz to finish lower than him, who will walk away with the spoon

  • In last place with 2 points is
    mustang shelly

    Combat Academy

    Heard of it: No
    Seen it: No
    Overall score 6.7
    Two troublesome students who spend their day playing pranks on everyone and causing as much chaos as possible, go too far in their mischief and end up getting sent to a military academy. The duo continues causing mayhem in the hopes of getting kicked out and come up against Cadet Major Biff Woods, played by an incredibly young George Clooney. After one of the guys falls for a fellow cadet member named Beth he attempts to follow the academy's guidelines much to the annoyance of his friend and when he is promoted to corporal it further complicates their friendship. A decent movie that provided a few good laughs.
    My favourite thing about this movie: It gave me a few laughs, that's always a positive

    Despite finishing last in this round, shelly finishes with an overall score of 20 points and cannot win the wooden spoon.

  • In 9th place with 3 points is

    I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: Yes
    Overall score: 7.0
    This movie always delivers a good laugh. Featuring a great cast full of some of the funniest African American actors of the late eighties/early nineties. After his brother dies from overdosing on gold chains, solider Jack Spade returns home. Jack is played by Keenen Ivory Wayans, who not only acts in this movie but also directs it and wrote it. Jack teams up with local hero John Slade played by the legend Bernie Casey. Together they recruit a team of misfits to try take down the local criminal Mr. Big, who Jack blames for his brother's death. Some of the funniest moments in this were, jacks mother fighting off the criminals but you could clearly see it was a stunt double complete with moustache and all, the two goons hired by mr.big who always get thrown down the stairs and Chris Rock trying to buy one single rib. This is a great parody of the blaxploitation films of the 1970s
    My favourite thing about this movie: The complete silliness of it and the great cast.

    Reberetta finishes on an overall score of 17 points, he now has one hand on the wooden spoon. If liz finishes in 8th it will be a tie at the bottom otherwise the wooden spoon is all Reberetta's

  • In 8th place with 4 points is
    JP Liz V1

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: Yes
    Overall score 7.2
    Will ferrell can be a bit hit and miss, and whilst i don't think this is one of his best movies its still a fun little movie. It stars ferrell and rachel mcadams as two Icelandic singers who dream of representing their home nation at eurovision ever since they saw Abba win with waterloo. They are often mocked and ridiculed for their disastrous performances but after an explosion at a boat party they remain the only available act left to represent iceland much to the dismay of all of iceland. This movie features a lot of past eurovision singers in cameo roles and as a fan of the song contest i really enjoyed that. I did find will ferrell character to be a bit annoying at times and he was a selfish git but he also gave me a few laughs especially whenever he insulted the American tourists. Pierce Brosnan appears as Ferrell's characters father and he does a great job. Some of the songs featured in this are actually pretty decent.
    My favourite thing about this movie: As a fan of eurovision i loved seeing all the cameos, and also enjoyed Graham Norton being himself

    Liz finishes on 17 points also and that means that both liz and reberetta share the Golden Raspberry Wooden Spoon.

  • Chapter 3
    V for Victorious: or how i learned to stop worrying and love the walrus

    The top five still in contention to win this are
    Irish Aris
    purple tin

    We also had a duplicate this round, Purgative chose the same as one of the top five and will be looking to finish this game off with a high placement.

    Unfortunately for one of the hopefuls, they could only manage to finish in 7th place and cannot win, let's find out who that is

  • In 7th place with 5 points is


    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: No
    Overall score: 7.3
    All i really knew about this movie was that it had that overplayed Justin Timberlake song. The trolls are a bunch of delightful bushy haired creatures who are always singing and dancing. They live close to the Bergens, a bunch of mean spirted, ugly looking things, who believe the only way to achieve happiness is to eat a troll. The trolls leave their home after being attack by the bergens and begin life elsewhere, leaving the bergens more miserable than ever. The trolls are tracked down by a bergen who plots to overthrow her king and many trolls are taken away. It is up to princess poppy and branch (the only troll who hates singing and dancing) to rescue their fellow trolls. A nice little movie but it can't rank higher than here
    My favourite thing about this movie: I really like their use of well known songs, including The sound of silence, True colours and the bergens version of the Gorillaz song Clint Eastwood

    The current leader Necro falls at the final hurdle with a final score of 30 points, a respectable score but not enough to win

  • In 4th place with 8 points is
    the purple tin

    The Straight Story

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: No
    Overall score: 8.3
    I heard of this film but i knew very little about it, and i have to say this was a pleasant surprise. It stars Richard Farnsworth as an elderly man who, after finding out his brother has suffered a stroke decides to visit him after years of refusing to talk to one another. His brother lives in a different state so he has to travel a fair distance, however because of his age and failing eyesight he cannot drive. He refuses to accept a lift from others and instead sets out on his ridable lawn mower and hitches a trailer to it. Along his journey he meets many characters who all seem to take a liking to this man, one person he meets is a war veteran and the two men speak about their experiences in world war 2 which turns into a very emotional confession. The amazing Sissy Spacek plays his daughter, who suffers from learning disabilities and after an incident had her children taking away from her. This movie was a roller-coaster of emotions but the main characters drive to reconcile with his brother was admirable and lead us on a beautiful journey.
    My favourite thing about this movie: I loved the beautiful sweet way in which the characters acted towards each other and Richard Farnsworth in particular.

    the purple tin finishes with an overall score of 29 points, not quiet enough to win

  • That leaves us with Shane, Irish Aris, purgative and Spook_ie occupying the top 3 spots, with either shane, irish aris or spook winning the overall walrus game.

  • In 3rd place with 9 points each are
    Irish Aris

    As Good As It Gets

    Heard of it: Yes
    Seen it: Yes
    Overall score: 8.5
    This has got to be one of Jack Nicholson's greatest movies. In this he plays a grumpy guy named Melvin who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and is rude to pretty much everyone he meets. One of his neighbours a gay artist called simon, whom melvin often insults, is beaten up badly and can't take care of his dog. Simons agent forces Melvin to look after the dog, much to melvins dismay. He eventually bonds with the dog, the two sharing a connection. Melvin frequently visits a restaurant, where the staff try to avoid him apart from one woman, carol (played by Helen Hunt). Carol has problems of her own, her son is often sick and she ends up deciding to quit her job, this upsets melvin and he attempts to pay for her sons medical bills in order for carol to return to the restaurant. This movie shows how three completely different people(and one dog) can come together, even if they drive each other insane.
    My favourite thing about this movie: The fantastic script by James L. Brooks, full of incredible quotes such as,
    "People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch."
    Melvin's compliment to carol "You Make Me Want To Be A Better Man"
    Melvin to random people in a waiting room “What if this is as good as it gets?”

    Puragtive finishes on 25 points, while Irish Aris scores 32 points.

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  • That leaves us with Shane v Spook_ie, who will win the ultimate showdown