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Kaleidoscope 2021



  • Registered Users Posts: 7,680 ✭✭✭Patser

    Yep Saturday looks very good.

    Access open from 9am, as per their Facebook. Just make sure you buy a car park ticket as well as festival ticket.

    Things (activities) did start early in 2019 I remember, as you do have families camping there looking for things to do. So it is a full day out

  • Registered Users Posts: 366 ✭✭Cerdito

    Anyone who's been to this in the past: is there much going on from early morning? Debating camping with my kids, but they're usually up before 7am, would there be loads of time to kill?

  • Registered Users Posts: 806 ✭✭✭corm500

    Looks from the FAQ's that you are allowed bring alcohol into the venue itself. Anyone confirm this?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,680 ✭✭✭Patser

    From what I remember from 2019, and from their website.

    You can bring your own alcohol in with your tent, and drink in the campsite but not really allowed into festival site, but 2 things - 1. No-one was searched going in, so most people had cans or wine with them 2. It is a family event, so nearly everyone had kids, so weren't getting that drunk.

    Just seemed to be an unwritten rule, of go with the flow as long as your not getting messy. So I remember when Imelda May was playing, decent weather, picnic blankets everywhere, people sipping wines or beers, kids running around but no one getting locked.

    That said I remember people complaining about late night noisy drinkers in campsite - rule was meant to be no noise after 12. We slept ok (young kid) but there were definitely some grumpy heads next morning between those who wanted to sleep and those who'd stayed up.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,236 ✭✭✭davywalsh7

    4 x free Saturday day tickets available to a good home, just PM me

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  • Registered Users Posts: 276 ✭✭Lester Freamon

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,984 ✭✭✭Stillill42

    Fair play. I do love the recycling that goes on in these music threads.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,680 ✭✭✭Patser

    I'm not too proud to say, that despite my reservations, Dec Pierce was brilliant tonight. Perfect blend of nostalgia tracks for 40 year old like me, and dance tracks for kids.

    Dec, if you're listening, you had me at Out of Space

  • Registered Users Posts: 208 ✭✭writhen

    Yes he was very good.

    Jesus - that was a wild night. Thought the tent was going to lift at one stage!

  • Registered Users Posts: 621 ✭✭✭gandalfio

    Arriving later on. How cold did it get overnight? Are vendors accepting cash and card?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,680 ✭✭✭Patser

    Yep, very wet night! But forecast for today has improved a lot, no sign of rain for almost all the day. It will be breezy and fresh though.

    Last night did get cold, the heavy rain took any heat out of the air.

    Vendors mostly accepting both, 1 did ask for cash but all the rest had card machines

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,920 ✭✭✭tom1ie

    Any idea what time the first bands are on? We bought a Saturday ticket so we should be there for about 12 or so.

    Is there much else to do bar the fairground until the bands come on?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,564 ✭✭✭smallgarden

    I was freezing last night, proper shivering, fully clothed with a sleeping bag and blanket and I'm not normally a cold person. It lashed rain and was super windy most of last night. They've had to replace a large amount of tents in pink moon. Woke up to massive puddles and anything in the middle of the tent soaked. The tent opposite had water pool that they had to cut the tent to release the water. Our tent ripped and was one of a large chunk of ripped tents. They put up replacement tents for us. The gazebo for haidryers/charging took flight and landed on people's tents a few rows over at around 2 in the morning. Hoping tonight won't be as bad 🤞

    No issue bringing whatever you want drinkwise into the arena.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,009 ✭✭✭chases0102

    Very windy and quite cold today but overall goood vibes!

  • Hosted Moderators Posts: 22,827 ✭✭✭✭beertons

    Our tent had a few leaks, so we went back to Naas areir. Fresh sheets on the bed, and showered. Bliss.

    Saw no bands yesterday, got a bit of Kilo belting out a few tunes, before the kids said it was too loud.

    Dec Pierce was the only one we saw on Friday. Awesome set list, took a video of my young one doing a boogie to it, tweeted Dec that she thinks he's class.

    What was the weather like areir?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,564 ✭✭✭smallgarden

    It was wet and windy again last night but the new tent wasn't as cold and no puddles or obvious leaks this morning. Nice to have dry shoes as all my shoes got soaked the first night from the leaks

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,984 ✭✭✭Stillill42

    Ah lads. It sounds hellish.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,564 ✭✭✭smallgarden

    I wouldn't be recommending pink moon anyways. The tents were very poor quality and most either leaked heavily, ripped or collapsed. Much preferred the first Kaleidoscope. Really enjoyed it. Think it was much better run. There didn't seem to be as much toilets and sinks in the main campsite as the first year. It is a nice family festival but don't think I'll be rushing back.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,680 ✭✭✭Patser

    Back home now, and we loved it. Up on higher ground near Bumfuzzle sign and had no problem with our tent, despite to desperate overnight weather.

    Our daughter loves all the arts and crafts stuff down in Wonderland, so bands did become secondary. But Dec Pierce on Friday evening in surprisingly good weather and King King Company in the tent last night were both brilliant. Caught a few other acts like Tadgh, Bobbi Arlo and Tim Chadwick (he was good). My Wife went over to see Ryan Sheridan on Main stage when it was sunny and loved the chilled out vibe. A Friend who is a big Feeder fan, gave up on them halfway through as weather was awful and atmosphere gone as people left.

    Don't think I seen any act today.

    But arts and craft set up was good, things like bug guy with scorpions, Cartoon Saloon talking about animation, making stuff with cardboard- all the bigger attraction to our kid than bands. That and the people dressed up as characters that were drifting around the site.

    And given the awful forecast for the weekend, we stayed dry throughout. The real rain fell overnight, still nothing got too mucky, nothing ever felt too crowded, kids were playing everywhere and my Daughter kept making new friends at every event.

    So we'll be back

  • Registered Users Posts: 208 ✭✭writhen

    Pink Moon were an absolute shambles. I saw on Facebook that they were looking for staff for the weekend. I was told they had the local scouts in putting up replacement tents.

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