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Cassette Decks - Better Than I Remember?

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    With a 3.5 year old who is and will grow up in a world of streaming I decided I wanted to get something mechanical, something that would be alien to what she'll be familiar with when she's older. Something that I used when I was small. In my setup at the moment I have a network streamer/CD player, there's a minidisc deck under the bed so I decided a cassette deck was the way to go. I didn't want something with electronic buttons or an electronic VU meter so an old set was the way to go.
    I had a goo on eBay and found the Teac set above. Mechanical buttons and old fashioned VU meters. I hadn't intended to actually put it into use, as it was more to be a talking point for when she was older but it actually sounds really well running through a Yamaha A-S501 and a set of Boston Accoustics A25 speakers.