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Racing Uncertainties



  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Quite a few picks there, with one or three speculative ones :P . The ones I like the most based on form, price, and whatever I have listed in the order of preference (or the ones 'I like' ). It's not necessarily the order of which I think has the best chance of winning, as none of them carry massive confidence.

    The rest are mainly 'punts' , or 'hunches' , or ones that have prevailed in similar races (but not for quite a while - Mama Africa eg says hello :pac: )

    Mohareb 5.00 Chel
    Zylan 1.20 S'well
    Frankie Baby 1.11 Taunton
    Drew Breeze 11.50 S'well
    Rhubarb 12.20 S'well
    Kraka 1.50 S'well

    This is not a contradiction of the above, but factoring all in, the top 3 I like in order of potential winners are Zylan, Frankie Baby and Mohareb.

    Hope will make a profit. Wouldn't be a surprise if I trebled my points stake, or only recouped 10 - 20 %. With a bit of luck it won't be the latter.

    Anyway, some I expect should run okay.

    Will turn a daily profit soon I hope :)

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Up to 26/11

    Running P & L -46.2pts

    Invested 26pts. Mr Minerals 3.41 NR @ 2pts. 24pts at stake.

    Drew Breeze 11.50 Southwell done at 16s places at a fifth the odds returning 4.2pts
    Kraka 1.50 Southwell done at 12s places at a fifth the odds with a 5p rule 4 returning 3.2pts
    Calarules 3.41 Taunton places at 66/1 at a fifth the odds returning 14.2pts
    Mohareb 5.00 Chel done at 18/1 places at a quarter the odds returning 5.5pts

    Total at play 24pts - returns 27.1pts

    Today's profit 3.1pts

    Running invested total 260pts

    Total P & L -43.1pts

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Chelmsford this eve.

    Each way

    6.15 Bird For Life 11/1
    6.45 Martineo 11/1
    7.15 Voi 8/1

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    7.30 Dundalk Tonkinese 9/1 e/w Snegurochka 50/1 e/w

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    Running P & L -43.1pts

    Invested 10pts

    Voi 7.15 Chel places at 8/1 a fifth the odds returning 2.6pts

    Today's loss 7.4 pts

    Running invested total 270pts

    Total P & L -50.5pts

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  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Saturday 28 Nov

    A bumper crop.. Hope some can deliver. All each way these.

    12.20 Acdc 16/1

    12.05 Out For Justice 15/2 , Granitic 11/1
    1.08 Sound Of Music 12/1 , Lady Babs 66/1
    1.43 Ashington 15/8
    2.18 Imperil 12/1 , Siannes Star 9/1
    2.53 Demi Sang 13/2

    1.15 Mellow Ben 25/1
    2.25 Pisgah Pike 18/1
    3.00 Mister Malarky 14/1 , Aye Right 8/1

    12.47 Ettila De Sivola 7/1 , Yourholidayisover 40/1
    1.22 Oscar Asche 12/1
    1.57 Barrichello 15/2
    2.32 Full Spes 16/1
    3.07 Miladygrace 10/1

    4.00 Tanasoq 10/1 , Hard Solution 20/1
    6.00 Sarah's Verse 16/1 , Leo Minor 12/1 , Urban Highway 11/1 , Darwina 33/1
    6.30 Vitesse Du Son 8/1
    7.30 Goddess Of Fire 13/2

    I fancy I should catch a couple or three big priced ones tomorrow, and mebbe a winner or 5,

    Gluck anyone who's following :)

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Only a few more to go at Wolves.

    I think Vitesse Du Son 6.30 - available at 10s now - has the best chance of the ones remaining. Has the five box, and hopefully a good pace for him to chase. There's a few in this been well punted, but the selection has only had nine runs; and should be open to some improvement. Has ran twice over C & D, and, but for some poor 'luck in running' he could well have won the first of those.

    So, a nice draw, could be unexposed, I think he represents the value here for us each way backers.

    Okay day so far, could do with a few of the remaining ones at least making the frame to make a small profit.

    Gluck :)

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    And wins under a positive ride from Hayley Turner at the very nice odds of 14/1.

    Happy I gave that one a favourable mention :)

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Missed one there at Wolves :(

    4 horses didn't 'make the grade' after I checked prices last night :pac: . I don't just throw a load of darts just for the sake of it, although it might look that way :D

    Still, a pretty good day; with one dart left :p

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,568 ✭✭✭ MyStubbleItches

    What’s the story with all the quotation marks?

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  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Last dart doesn't 'land' unfortunately. Still, it gave us a nice 'runfer' ( Run For) our money, for those of us non-professional types who get a bit of enjoyment if our mule is in contention inside the 2 pole.

    Will do P & L later, a winning day for a change :pac:

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    Running P & L -50.5pts

    Invested 54pts. Sound Of Music 1.08 Donny NR @ 2pts. 52pts at stake.

    Imperil 2.18 Donc wins (done e/w) at 28/1 a fifth the odds returning 35.6pts
    Demi Sang 2.53 Donc places at 7/1 a fifth the odds returning 2.4pts
    Mellow Ben 1.15 Newbury places at 28/1 a fifth the odds returning 6.6pts
    Aye Right 3.00 Newbury places at 12/1 a fifth the odds returning 3.4pts
    Barrichello 1.57 Bangor places at 17/2 a quarter the odds returning 3.1pts
    Sarah's Verse 6.00 Wolver places at 22/1 a fifth the odds returning 5.4pts
    Vitesse Du Son 6.30 Wol wins at 14/1 (done e/w) at a fifth the odds a place returning 18.8pts

    Total at play 52pts - returns 75.3pts

    Profit for the day 23.3pts

    Running invested total 322pts

    Total P & L -27.2pts

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Sunday 29 Nov

    My snooker acca went down, so I spent a good hour studying with the aim of a bitta joy, so I hope twas time well spent, and a few of these 'darts' can hit the target or go close.. ;)

    All each way

    12.56 Gustav 25/1 , Hume Lough 10/1
    2.28 Two Taffs 3/1
    2.58 Fil D'ariane 4/1 , Hasankey 9/2
    3.31 Lady Sally 25/1 , Leeswood Lily 13/2

    Ffos Las
    1.42 Shapiro 12/1 , Galtee Mountain 14/1
    3.50 Karannelle 10/1

    Best of luck to anyone trying their luck with geegees today :) I'm cautiously optimistic that my 'aim' is good enough to break even, or better :p

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,479 ✭✭✭ Chancer3001

    A full write up at 3.35am :)

    Man is getting hooked

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    A very profitable day today :) Hopefully some kept the faith and were on, or encouraged by yesterday's return to form.

    P & L later

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    Running P & L -27.2pts

    Invested 20 pts


    Gustav 12.56 Leicester (done e/w) wins at 40/1 a fifth the odds a place returning 50pts
    Fil D'araine 2.58 Leicester (done e/w) wins at 11/1 a fifth the odds a place returning 15.2pts
    Hasankey 2.58 Leicester places at 11/2 returning 2.1 pts
    Lady Sally 3.31 Leicester places at 28/1 a fifth the odds a place returning 6.6pts
    Galtee Mountain 1.42 Ffos Las places at 16/1 a fifth the odds a place returning 4.2pts

    Total at play 20pts - returns 78.1pts

    Profit for the day 58.1pts

    Running invested total 342pts

    Total P & L + 30.9pts

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,457 ✭✭✭ pottokblue

    well in leffsem back up in profit my fantasy placepot thread is down +++. Good pick Gustav, its not allabout Byrony now and again Page Fuller and Charlotte Jones can bring home the bigpriced winners

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Yes indeed pottokblue, and thanks :) Bryony is overrated,, She aint no Hollie Doyle, that's for sure :pac:

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    4.20 Deconso 6/1 win
    4.50 Kybosh 40/1 e/w
    5.50 Clay Regazzoni 8/1 e/w

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    I were hoping the ex Formula 1 driver would be bigger, but nonetheless 8/1 is still a decent price; and if he gives as good an account as what I hope he will, he should go close. Has only ran at course once before and that were in Oct of last year over a furlong shorter; when he won.

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  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    As for Kybosh in the 4.50 - bit of a punt that one - I am thinking that with the 7lb claiming jockey Erika Parkinson on top, that she might try and make all. It's a possibility that this might work, as the horse came 4th over 2 1/2 furlongs further at the course in September; so am hoping that 'staying the trip' won't be a factor here.


  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Wouldn't be so quick to draw a line through Kybosh if he's at a similar trip next time; still has a few pounds to fall before he hits the basement mark :p

    Going wide for about half the race didn't do much for his chances when the jockey tried to improve his position. Anyway, one more left today, and hopefully Clay can give a good account :)

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    No joy for Clay there. The draw really did for any chance he might have had. Jockey couldn't get him slotted in at all, and going widest of all around the home bend, he never looked like threatening unfortunately.

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    7.50 Wolves Kylla Looks 22/1 e/w

    Taking a punt here on one at a big price. First time cheekpieces give encouragement.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,853 ✭✭✭ Cherry_Cola

    7.50 Wolves Kylla Looks 22/1 e/w

    Taking a punt here on one at a big price. First time cheekpieces give encouragement.

    Some shout and a lovely drift.

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    A big priced winner in the last at Dunstall ensures the good run continues :) Have a few picked out for tomorrow... Going to give them another look, and most likely post them later on,, The usual mish-mash of ones at a price where they would be expected to go well, a few with a 'squeak', and a few 'punts'.

    None of them I'm massively confident about; and I haven't looked at their prices, but as far as selections go, they are good enough for me threadwise.

    P & L to follow....

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    Running P & L + 30.9pts

    Invested 7pts


    Kylla Looks 7.50 Wolves (done e/w) wins at 28/1 a fifth the odds a place returning 35.6pts

    Total at play 7pts - returns 35.6pts

    Profit for the day 28.6pts

    Running invested total 349pts

    Total P & L + 59.5pts

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone


    Da Daily Darts

    Quite a few today, and purple patch is unlikely to continue indefinitely :P
    Anyway; I've found them, selected 'em, so I'm gonna do 'em. Life's too short for a degenerate punter to spend the few hours studying, and not have a punt :D Leave that studying and not punting craic to the 'professionals' , and 'shrewdies' .

    Me - I like to throw as many as what it takes a female 'dartist' to finish a leg :pac: - if I can find them, that is. (darts I means :P )

    Can only hope losses aint too high - just as the P & L is beginning to look respectable.

    Only small stakes is the recommendation as I have no strong fancies at all. Like I said purple patch can't continue indefinitely.

    All each way these:

    2.23 Darlyn 5/1

    12.30 Getaway Mag 7/2
    1.00 Playa Blanca 9/1
    2.32 Danboru 18/1 , Brummie Boys 6/1
    3.32 Solstalla 22/1 , Seapoint 25/1

    5.15 Fendale 11/2 , Tathmeen 5/1

    4.00 Griggy 4/1 , Rusper's Lad 12/1 , Chillon Castle 33/1
    4.30 Kupa River 15/2
    5.30 Ballyare 4/1
    6.00 Majeste 28/1
    6.30 De Vegas Kid 10/1
    7.00 Switzer 12/1 , Blue Whisper 20/1
    7.30 Kodi Koh 16/1

    What a f in degenerate that guy is - backing 2 each way in 7 horse races!
    "ya, I know; and wtf is he doing taking 7/2 about that yoke - wouldn't go near it unless I was getting 11/2.. smh "

    The cupla lines above is the kind of sh1ttalk I don't wanna see, or hear about in this thread :mad: Ya puts your money down, and takes your chances. Plenty of other threads where ya can show how 'knowledgeable' you is ie talk your bs talk about Gordon's targets, or 'Looks a rangy type - should make a good chaser in a year or two' :rolleyes:

    Me, I like to have my fun, and try to provide a few selections for e/w, or win for da "Nickel and Dimers" , with the hope they can at least give us 'degenerates' a runfer - Run For (our money).

    For anyone recently tuned in the above was getting my response in, in advance anticipation of effrontery. Cos that's how it goes around here - too many are long-grassers looking for the slightest inconsistency, or anything that they feel will get a few "thanks" for rippin' da p1ss. Or, absent that summit like I never even knew this thread existed, aint nobody saying nothing to you. Well now that I've mentioned it, I reckon anyone with those kinds of impulses will keep their powder dry. Scientists call this the "Observer Effect". Fk science I says - win or lose, it's as much art as science that goes into my selections - regardless of the amount, size, or ruddy value. I'll worry about "value" when I'm putting up 11/8 shots :rolleyes:

    And no - I'm not pi55ed, and if you want 'whatever it is I'm smoking' head to your local Tobaccanist, and buy as many varieties they have, or go to one that stocks all the popular brands :mad:

    And no rubbish about punctuation marks, or any grammar crap talk neither..

    Back on topic - I think Kupa River has the best chance out of all of them.. I'm also liking De Vegas Kid, and Ballyare. Darlyn should also give a good account. All are 1pt each way for thread purposes though, and nominal stakes only advised from this poster

    Gluck to anyone who's having a go today :)so long as it's not at me

    PS apologies to any moderators for my 'choice words' :(

    In my defence "prevention is better than cure" , for want of a better adage.

    And please gamble responsibly, while we bombard your ad breaks with bookie ads :D Ya came onto dis thread of your own free will specifcally for punting reasons :)

    Over and out

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    All constructive chat/opinions are very welcome... Hope that goes without saying :p I might not respond cos I could be too busy shouting at telly, and also am not glued to this lappie top.,,

    Happy punting.. My goal is to be still ahead come new year... I make myself about a 2/1 shot for that :pac:

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  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jedidiah Enough Grindstone

    Pretty poor so far alas :( Knew patch couldn't last indefinitely... Maybe the AW will be more fruitful :)